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by Frank Colijn

There are many different codes in the bible. All these codes are related with numbers. The English langue is already telling it: recount-count. Or in French: raconter-conter, in German: erzählen-zählen, in Dutch: vertellen-tellen. Since longtime people seem to know that there is a connection between langue and counting. Most of the time it is called numerology or Kabbalah (Jewish mystics) or simply biblecode. But none of these terms is the right term for this bible code research. Moreover this has nothing to do with the research of Michael Drosnin or the Da Vinci Code. And many people ask themselves if it is necessary that there are codes in the bible. About sense and nonsense  we can have all kind of thoughts, fact is that there are codes in the bible and specially in the Torah, the first five books of the bible. In Hebrew each letter has a number value so that every word has a number value too; this is called gematria. With these values are all kind of codes embodied in the Hebrew text. Even by means of letter and word places all kind of things are fixed in the bible text. It's recommended to read the chapters in the given order.


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1.Counting with the alphabet

If we start to count we have to know how to count. An introduction to the use of the letter values of the Hebrew alphabet (Gematria).

2. Sophit letters

A research of the placing of the sophit letters in the Hebrew alphabet. 

3. The acting of God

With the Creation the first acting of God becomes visible.

4. The circle and the time

The circle is the symbol of eternity: a line without beginning and without an end. With the creation of heaven and earth also time appears. The calculation of Pi with the help of Gen.1:1 by Vernon Jenkins. last update 29-10-2012

5. The Star of David

The Star of David or hexagram is a mathematical working out of numbers. The bible writer has used this fact very often. Learn here how the star of David is build up.  

6. Truth

The number value 441 of the word 'truth' appears in different ways in number systems. Prime numbers play a large roll.

7. The prime table

The properties of primes and their mutual relations.  

8. The use of prime numbers

Primes are used in many ways in the bible text. Some examples.  

9. Pythagoras' Theorem

In the openings verse of the bible appears Pythagoras' Theorem to be hidden. There also seems to be a relationship with the alphabet and the prime table. last modified: 21-04-2016

10. God speaks

The speaking of God and the relation with the Hebrew alphabet and Truth.

11. Structure chapter 1

The first chapter of the bible appears to be divided with the numbers three and seven. A suchlike phenomenon we know also in poetry in the structure of sonnets.

11a. Gematria chapter 1

Besides the structure in the number of letters, words and verses there are also structures in the gematria. But these structures are much more complex.

12. Jesus ELS 22

With ‘Equidistant Letter Sequence’ (ELS) are all kind of things coded in the bible text. So is the name of Jesus with an interval of 22 letters, the measure of the Hebrew alphabet, coded in the first chapter of the bible.

13. Jesus ELS 86

Also with ELS 86 a code of Jesus can be found. The coordinates are 26x26.

14. The mem

The mem appears to have a special relationship with codes concerning Jesus.

15. Elohim ELS 26

Jesus is our spiritual water and bread. In the first chapter is hidden/revealed with 37 mems the birth place of  Jesus: Bethlehem, the House of the Bread.

16. The prime jump

Also with the so called prime jump the coming of Christ is encoded. Gen.22:9-14 is a forgoing reflection of the sacrifice of Christ.

17. Three-seven

The three and the seven are used in many different codes. In this chapter 3/7=0,428571... Also the 3rd and 7th generation, Enosh and Hanoch, hide/reveal the number 1480 of Christ.

18. The perfect number 496

Perfect numbers are numbers of which the sum of the dividers is equal to the number itself. The bible writer used this fact to order letters, words and verses.

19. The first word

A mathematical approach of the first word 'berashit' of the bible.

20. The aleph and Elohim

The relation between the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the aleph, and Elohim.


The three nouns God, the Heaven and the Earth of Gen.1:1 have together the number value 777.


The relation between the number 666 of the ´beast´, and the number 2368 of Jesus Christ.


The word 'three' can be found in Gen.1:1 with ELS 7 starting on letter 4, the number of the door. Jesus claims to be the door.


In Gen.17:5 Abram gets the name Abraham. This change of name is related with the square root of 5.

The center of the Torah

In this chapter mathematical proof that there is no letter is added or lost from the Torah

The Creation of the Heaven

The Heaven and the Earth are created with the five, according to a mathematical pattern.

Amicable numbers 220 and 284

Also the phenomenon 'amicable numbers' turns out to be applied in the bible text.

The 5678 phenomenon  

The sequence 5678 appears to have special properties in the Number Universe and in the bible.

Isaiah 53  

This chapter of the bible appears to have a special relationship with Jesus. 21-04-2016

I am God Almighty 

Resolution 181 passed by the UN in 1947 made the establishment of a Jewish State and also an Arabic State possible.

The letters of the Hebrew text

The letters that form the words 'Yahweh Elohim', the LORD God, are the most used letters in the Old Testament.



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