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9. The Theorem of Pythagoras.

Like we can calculate with Gen.1:1 the number Pi, also Pythagoras' Theorem can be demonstrated in Gen.1:1. The formula of the theorem goes:


With this formula the length of a side of a rectangular triangle can be calculated, if the length of the two other sides are known. The smallest whole numbers for this formula are: 3,4 and 5, for 32+42=52 9+16=25. For whom mathematics is very abstract, I have placed a demonstrative image:


Now we know again how the theorem looks like, we look at Gen.1:1. Now appears that the bible writer has coded the word three with Equidistance Letter Sequence (ELS) in Gen.1:1.We see that the word ‘three’, , is written, coded with an interval of seven letters from the forth letter till the 25th letter:



If we make a matrix with seven letters on a line than the word three becomes visible as the central axis of Gen.1:1. For constructing  a triangle we use for one side three as measure (a) and place square a side with the measure seven (b) abstracted from the ELS 7. Now we can calculate the length of the third side (c):


32+72=C2   9+49=58C2=58C= =7,615773………

Because 58 is not a square of a whole number we formulate that as the root of 58: . This number 58 turns out to be the sum of the letter places of the code ‘three’, with ELS 7:


It's nice to notice that the first seven digits of the root of 58 (=7,615773…) contains three times the seven, and on the seventh place the three. If we calculate root 58 with more digits, we find: 7.6157731058639082856614110271583..... In this sequence we find the digits of 58 on the 10th and the 11th place, sum 10+11=21=3x7.....the sum of the nine digits before 58 is:


This is also one of the many special properties of the root of 58. Moreover we find the 4th seven on the 28th place (4x7=28) If we go with this root number to the bible text to look for word 7615773 than this is only possible if we use the first five digits, for the Tenach contains only 305485 words. This can be seen as a parallel with the number Pi calculated with Gen.1:1, correct till only 5 digits. Word 76157 we find in Deut.26:16 the eighth word:  = laws, statutes. And that is exactly what the Theorem of Pythagoras is: a mathematical law.


In this verse the first letter of the word ‘statutes’, , is pinpointed mathematically. There turn out to be 10 hee’s in the verse, of which the 7th the start letter of the word ‘statutes’ is. Of the  ten letter places of the hee in the verse, three letter places are dividable by 7:

1 – 5 – 7 – 9 –11 – 14 – 28 – 33 – 36 – 40

The sum of those letter places is 7+14+28=49, which is 7x7.

The seventh  , the third that is dividable by 7, is letter 28, which is the triangular number of 7 is. 28 is 4x7; in Gen.1:1 starts the triangular formula on the 4th letter with an interval of 7 letters. The sum of the individual digits of the letter places of the hee is: 


This number has a relation with Theorem of Pythagoras like I have shown. The hee, the 5, with the symbolic meaning of window gives us a view on the mathematical realities.

The first time that the word three, , occurs in this writing form in the bible is in Gen.6:10:


And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

The word three is the third word and becomes preceded by the word Noah, , 8+50=58. In Gen.1:1 the word three brings forth the 58; in this verse brings 58 (Noah) forth the three (sons) The son who proceeds the the line of generations to Christ is Sem. The letter places in the verse of Noah are 6 and 7, sum 13, and the letter places of Sem are 18+19=37. The 13th prime is 37; the 13 brings forth the 37. It is possible that the verse numbering 6:10 also plays a roll. The verse has 10 words and Sem is the 6th word. Sem is the 11th generation counted from Adam; the sixth prime is 11, and the tenth palindrome is also 11. It can be a coincident but I wanted to show this possibility.
We can also express the numbers that play a roll in the code as follows: 7 , 7
three or 73=343. Word 343 is the 28th time (4x7) that the word Elohim, , God, occurs in the bible (Gen.1:27: word 7). This Elohim appears to be the 58th word in the sixth day. The sixth day starts in Gen 1:24. Word 343 starts with the 117th aleph of the bible. Word 343 is =86; composite 86 is 117. This Elohim is the sixth Elohim in the sixth day. When we express that as 6x6 we find 36. The truth becomes expressed by primes. The 36th prime is 149; this is the amount of words with which the sixth day is written (Gen.1:24-31)


There can be found an other code with the word three, . When we raise the letter places on which we find the three-code, to the third power, we find:


When we search for word 22852 in the bible, then we find that word in Ex.7:7 the 7th word: , the feminine form of the word three. What catches the eye is that the chapter, the verse and the word number is 7, equal to the ELS distance of the code in Gen.1:1.

Word 22852 in Ex.7:7, word 7

And Moses [was] fourscore years old, and Aaron fourscore and three years old, when they spoke unto Pharaoh.

It is the 10th time that the word three occurs in the bible in this form. 10 is the triangular number of 4. When we take the fourth number raising (253) , and let the 3 'come down', we find the number 253. This is the triangular number of 22. In Ex.7:7 the word three starts on letter 22. When we take the first three numbers of the power raising the sum is: 64+1331+5832=7227. This is an interesting number for when we divide this number in two parts, we find 72-27. The number 27 is three raised to the third power. When we multiply these two numbers the outcome is: 72x27=1944. Now we look for word 1944; this happens to be the word Noah, , 8+50=58. It is the last word of Gen.6:9, and the word Noah occurs three times in this verse. Three words further in the next verse, in Gen.6:10 we find the word three, (word 1947), and this occurrence is the first time in the bible text in this form.


The number value of the word three, , is: 5+300+30+300=635. If we use the digits 6, 3 and 5 of this number 635, as word numbers of Gen.1:1, then is the sum of the CV's is 888:

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
the earth and* the heaven * God created In the beginning
28-27-26-25 24-23-22 21-20-19-18-17 16-15 14-13-12-11-10  9 - 8 - 7  6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
296 407 395 401 86 203 913


the CV of Jesus, Ιησους, 10+8+200+70+400+200=888 (Mat.1:16)

This is the Rock or the Stone, ha-eben, that God takes as foundation of His Creation. The gematria of the Stone is 58:

the Rock= האבן =50+2+1+5=58

With gematria 'full' the number value of the Rock is 635, equal to the gematria of the word three, :

the Rock (gematria full)= הא אלף בית נון =(50+6+50)+(400+10+2)+(80+30+1)+(1+5)=106+412+111+6=635

The word ha-eben appears for the first time in the bible in verse Gen.28:18. In this verse we find this word on the letter places: 20, 21, 22 and 23. The sum of these letter places is 20+21+22+23=86, equal to the CV of Elohim.

58 is also the CV of his son (Gen.4:17 word 16=word 1326 of the Torah):

His Son= בנו =6+50+2=58

In this way the number 58 informs us by means of the number three (635) in Gen.1:1 already, that Jesus (888) the Son of God is. Even when we take 3 times the number value of word seven the earth, ha-aretz, than the outcome is equal to the CV of Jesus:


Hereby we can memorize that the earth is the third planet from the sun......

However we can also take 7x the third word of Gen.1:1, 7x Elohim: 7x86=602. The number 602 is equal to the CV of the word Godhead in Greek:


So the word three, , has the number value 635. The factors are: 5x127. These factors seem to have a relation with the number value of the first three verses of the bible. The number value of those three verses is 7060:


Gematria 2701


       ,,      3546


       ,,        813



The calculation that is applied uses also the word values of Gen.1:1 and looks as follows:


5x(Word 1+Word 2+Word 7)=



The word three confirms that 7060 is the correct number value of the first three verses. In those verses Creation and the Light are made. The factors of 7060 are: 2x2x5x353 or 20x353. The number 353 is the CV of the phrase:



, Everlasting Light (Is.60:19)


Possibly there is hidden even more under the word 'three', . The word three begins on the 4th letter of Gen.1:1. When we raise the word three to the fourth power it looks like this:


Now appears the 58th composite  to be 81. Also begins verse three (Gen.1:3) on the 81st letter of the bible. This is the first letter of the 22nd word of the bible. The word spans 1+(3x7)=22 letters. Now is the 22nd composite 34, a combination of the 3 and the 4. The sum of 22 and 34 is 56. If we upgrade this number by means of primes than appears the 56th prime to be 257. This is the number value of word 22, and said, , 200+40+1+10+6=257. The central letter of this word is the aleph. This is the letter that God represents in the bible text. It is the 9th aleph of the bible. The sum of the letter places of those 9 alephs is:


262 is also a junction of 257 (and said, ) and the number of letters (5) of and said: 257+5=262. The expression (we have) spoken (Num.21:7), , has the number value 6+50+200+2+4=262. Also is 262 the 206th composite. 206 is the number value of the word Word, , 200+2+4=206. This is what comes to existence by the speaking of God. The difference between these two numbers is 262-206=56, which is equal to the sum of 22 and 34. An other possibility is the upgrading of 81, the first letter of word 22. The 81st composite is 111. This is the number value of the word aleph, . Here seems to be switched from letter to word. The 111th composite is 146; the sum is 111+146=257, the number value of and said. 262 is also 2x131. Now is the 131st prime 733, which is the number value of and said with gematria 'full':  





For the law was given by Moses, [but] grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

Here two Hebrew words in relation to 32 and 72, the words 'grace' and 'truth':

32+72=9+49=58 =50+8: grace

32x72=9x49=441= =400+40+1: truth

The activity of these two words can be expressed by the multiplication of the number values of these words:


Word 25578 we find in Ex.13:3: by force, strength, , 100+7+8+2=117. The 86th composite is 117.



And Moses said to the people, Remember this day, in which you came out from Egypt, out of the house of slavery; for by strength of hand the Lord brought you out from this place; there shall no leavened bread be eaten.

Isn't Gods strength in grace and truth………….?


We can give the word three also an other position. The word starts on the fourth letter of  Gen.1:1. We can express that as four raised till the power of three: 4, 4three, 43=64. The number 64 is number value of the Greek word for truth, 1+30+8+9+5+10+1=64. The truth is the central theme of the bible and is embodied as the central axis in the first verse.


Also in the prime/alphabet table there is an astonishing parallel. In the numerical sequence I have marked the primes (nPP 1 till 10) There remain 17 not primes or composites. In that sequence (1-17) I looked for the 3rd and the 7th place. These correspond respectively with 8th and the 14th letter of the alphabet: the chet, , the 8, and the nun, , the 50. Together 8+50=58, the outcome of the Theorem of Pythagoras in Gen.1:1. These two letters form the word grace, or the word Noach, . Also in the prime sequence 58 turns out to be the sum: 17+41=58.


With gematria Katan (sophit) is the number value of the first five words, the super natural part of  Gen.1:1, In the beginning created God the heaven and the earth, 13+5+16+5+19+11+17=58

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
28-27-26-25 24-23-22 21-20-19-18-17 16-15 14-13-12-11-10  9 - 8 - 7  6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
9-2-1-5 4-1-6 6-10-4-3-5 4-1 6-1-5-3-1 1-2-2 4-1-3-1-2-2
17 11 19 5 16 5 13
28 58

The third book of the bible (Leviticus), the seventh chapter, verse 28 is: And Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, (Lev.7:28). With gematria Katan is the number value of this verse 58:




The verse has 5 words and 18 letters. The data of this verse seem to relate with the numbers of the first verse: the 5th prime is 7 and the 18th composite is 28, de ingredients (7 words, 28 letters) with which Gen.1:1 is constructed. It is Moses who wrote in commission of God the first five books of the bible. The Torah becomes given by God to Moses in Ex.24:12:


And the LORD said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give you the tables of stone, and the law (Torah), and commandments which I have written; that you may teach them.

With gematria Katan is the number value of this verse 282, which is the 37th palindrome. This verse has verse number 2187. This is so in the traditional Hebrew way of the verse count. The number 2187 in factors is: 3x3x3x3x3x3x3 or 37

Exodus 24:12 is verse 2187 in the Jewish tradition


However in the KJV  Ex.24:12 is verse 2190. The factors of 2190 are: 2x3x5x73 or 30x73 or 3x10x73. The difference in the number of verses can be found in the Ten Commandments. In the Tenach four commandments can be found in Ex.20:13. In the KJV these four commandments have each their own verse number. The first of those four (verse 2065) is the commandment: You shall not kill and has the number value 729 or 36.


Exodus 24:12 is verse 2190 in the KJV


Originally the verses of the bible were not numbered. This numbering is added in the late Middle Ages to make it possible to find back the verses in a easy way.


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