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8. The use of prime numbers 

Nowadays primes are used for coding too. For instance they are used in military applications. With computers very large prime numbers can be calculated; they are known already with a billon digits. How large  the largest prime is that is used in the bible I don't know, but the first three verses of the bible point out that the 813th prime already was known. The image below shows how that is hidden. The first thing that attracts our attention is the fact that the gematria of the first two verses contain all numbers from 1 till 7. 

When we count primes it's important that we start to count with 1 as the first prime. For out of one proceed all numbers. And one is only divisible by one. Two should be counted too. Although it's the only even prime, it satisfies the definition like I have given. The sum of the gematria of the first two verses together is 2701+3546=6247. This number turns out to be the 813th prime. 813 is the number value of Gen.1:3.


That this is a coincidence is very unlikely.  The fact that the 81st letter of the bible the first letter of the 3rd verse is, might be a coincidence. Who might say? And if prime 6247 was known as the 813th prime, Than the 812 prime numbers must have been known too. And one might ask again: is this Jewish knowledge, or by God inspired and/or dictated? 

Moreover with the number 6247 a very beautiful mathematical image can be drawn that related is to the Star of David.  The basis of the image is the triangle of 73 with 2701 units and at the same time the number value of Gen.1:1. With this triangle we make a Star of David with 3601 units. On each of the six points we place a smaller Star of David with 541 units. This is the number of Israel (==30+1+200+300+10=541) This star is build with the triangle of 28 and is related to the 28 letters of Gen.1:1. This triangle has 406 units. With this triangle the Star of David with 541 units gets formed. Each of the six small stars has 10x10=100 units in common with the big Star of David. Now we can calculate the number of units of this image:

3601 + (6x541) - (6x100)=



A small Star of David can be found in the center of the big star, in fact he coincides with the big star and adds nothing to the counting of the units. You might say he is in rest. In fact this is again the 6-1 pattern that is present in the whole biblical Creation.


So the Gematria of Gen.1:1+gematria Gen.1:2 is 2701+3546=6247. When we remove the triangle of 73 with 2701 units again (Gen.1:1) then we save six lose parts that have together the value 3546 of Gen.1:2. These parts we can add together again and save a new interesting image. We would never have found this image for the number 3546, if we not followed this route, this logic, like I described.


Now we can research if this image has a special relationship with the second verse:

Gen.1 :2

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. 

And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

The core of this verse is on one side that the earth is without form, and void and on the other side the moving of Gods Spirit upon the waters. This part of the text has the number value: 1369, which is 37x37, the square of 37, the starting point of Gen.1:1.

And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.


40+10+10+5  10+50+80  30+1  400+80+8+200+20  40+10+5+30+1  8+6+200+6

          65       140     31        708             86        214+6       



The Spirit of God is a part of this phrase: : 86+214=300


Together these two images form the number value of the phrase: 'the Spirit of God is Truth', 300+441=741. This connection becomes mathematical confirmed: the sum of the divisors of 441, the number 441 itself excluded, is 300.


(441 included) SD+441=300+441=741

So 300 is the triangular number of  24. See the image. This triangle is a part of the elements with which 3546 is created. The triangle covers a part of the hexagram 541 with 10x10=100 units. There remain 441 units And that is the number value of the Hebrew word ‘ameth’, truth. The truth is the ‘crown’ of the Spirit of God. With these parts the image of Gen.1:2 becomes composed:


(3x Gods Spirit) + (6x truth)

(3x300) + (6x441)


From Gen.1:2 (3546) can in a simple way Gen.1:3 become constructed. The gematria of Gen.1:3 is 813 (=3x271) The image below shows how that happens:


With the number 813 is something else going on, it is namely 3x271. Three times the hexagon 271, the core of 541, Israel. (Israel= =30+1+200+300+10=541) In Israel God places the Light. 


If we go to word 27, the word ‘light’, , in verse three, it turns out that this word starts on the 12th aleph of the bible. The sum of the letter places of these 12 alephs is 543. This is the number value of the phrase ‘in Israel’ (Gen.34:7), , 30+1+200+300+10+2=543. We can realize ourselves that the 101st prime is 541: Israel. In Israel appears the Light, in Israel Christ is born.


The number value of Jesus Christ, , is 888+1480=2368. The factors are: (2x2x2x2x2x2)x37 or 64x37. The sum is 64+37=101. This is the letter place where the light in de text appears (word 27) Moreover the text: I AM WHAT I AM of Ex.3:14 has the number value 543: , 21+501+21=543. (A possible better translation is: I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE. Look here for a comment on this issue).

The phrase in Revelation 2:16 has the same number value 3546 as Gen.1:2:

with the sword of my mouth

55  308        722       770        1181         510




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