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The number value of the first verse of the bible is 296+407+395+401+86+203+913=2701.

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
the Earth and* the Heaven * God created In the beginning
28-27-26-25 24-23-22 21-20-19-18-17 16-15 14-13-12-11-10  9 - 8 - 7  6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
296 407 395 401 86 203 913


The numbers 3 and 7 are the elements of which the factors of the first verse are build: 3&7=37 and 7&3=73. In the number 777 the 3 is not visible, but we know that the tree is present as an organizing factor in 777. In Gen.1:1 we find three nouns:

God - the Heaven - the Earth.

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
the Earth and* the Heaven * God created In the beginning
28-27-26-25 24-23-22 21-20-19-18-17 16-15 14-13-12-11-10  9 - 8 - 7  6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
296 407 395 401 86 203 913

The CV's of these three words are: 296+395+86=777. The factors are 3x7x37. Also in organizing the factors of the sum of the CV's of the three nouns the 3 and the 7 play a roll. 777 can be expressed as (3x7)x37=21x37. The circumference of this rectangle is 112, equal to the CV of Yahweh Elohim, 26+86=112.

The reduced numbers of these three nouns are:

God 86...8+6=14...1+4=5, the heaven 395...3+9+5=17...1+7=8, the earth 296..2+9+6=17...1+7=8

The sum of the reduced numbers is 5+8+8=21 or 3x7 or 7+7+7. The word numbers are 3, 5 en 7, sum 15 of 3x5 of 5+5+5. The order number of prime 3 is 3, but the order number of prime 7 is 5 (P5=7). In this way become the word numbers connected with the reduced numbers of these three nouns.

The four words that remain have together the number value:  407+401+203+913=1924. In factors that is: 1x(2x2)x13x37. Because the first composite is 4 and the13th prime is 37, we can order the factors in the following structure: (1x4)x(13x37)=4x481. Word 4 has the number value 401 and is the 80th prime; the sum of prime 401 and prime order 80 is 481. Moreover the sum of word 3 (God=86) and word 5 (the Heaven=395) is also 481. The number value of word 3, 4 and 5 is 86+401+395=882. This number can be formulated as follows: 882=2x441=(3x7x7x3)+(3x7x7x3) The sum of the tree word numbers is equal to the number of letters of these three words: 3+4+5=12.

Verse 777 is Gen 28:3: And God Almighty bless thee, and make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, that thou mayest be a multitude of people;

7 5 3
the Earth the Heaven God
4 letters 10 letters
28-27-26-25 21-20-19-18-17 14-13-12-11-10
14-13-12-11 10-9-8-7-6 5-4-3-2-1
296 395 86

Verse 777 begins with word 10296. This seems to be a contraction of the number of letters of God and the Heaven (10) and the number value of the Earth (296) Word 10296 is: and God, , 30+1+6=37, and this number is closely related to the three sevens.


An other interesting phenomenon we can find in the center of the Tenach (O.T.) I use the original Hebrew canon which has a different order of books than the later translations. The Tenach has 305485 words. So the middle word is word 152743. This word is: , in your midst.(Jes.12:6) The words before and after this word are , great, and , the Holy One:

Center of the Tenach is word 152743
the Holy One in your midst great


324 43

great is the Holy One in your midst

The sum of these three words in the center of the Tenach is 410+324+43=777. And these three words have several mathematical relations. The prime factors of in your midst, 324, are:


The sum of these factors is 1+4+81=86; this is the number of Elohim. God is hidden in the center of the Tenach. Now is the Holy One 410, and 410-86=324=in your midst. The Holy One means God in your midst. The sum of the CV's of  great and in your midst is 43+324=367*. For this number I don't have a specific meaning, but it is the 74th prime. The sum of this prime and its order number is: 367+74=441, the number of truth, ameth (441=3x7x7x3). This attracts our attention even more for the sum of the CV's of in your midst and the Holy One is: 324+410=734=2x367; and  the Holy One who delivers up his great (ness) is also 410-43=367. This number stays emphatically present. The whole phrase has 5 words and runs: for great is the Holy One of Israel in your midst, , 541+410+324+43+30=1348. The prime factors 1x(2x2)x337; sum 1+4+337=342. This is an anagram of 324, in your midst. If we also remove the great (ness) out of 324 we find 324-43=281. This is CV of the word weakness, (2Cor.12:9) Also the Lamb, , who represent the divine weakness has the number value 281 (Rev.5:6) This is the 61st prime. The sum of this prime and its order number is 281+61=342. The meaning of this number can be: because of me, (Jonah 1:12) and the meaning of 324: from pursuing, (1Sam.23:28). So the number value of the phrase from pursuing because of me , , is 342+324=666, the number of the 'beast'. In the word place of in your midst, 152743, the 6 seems emphatically to be left out, for the sequence contains all number from 1 till 7, except for the 6: 152743....1-2-3-4-5-*-7. The sum of these numbers is 22, the measure of the Hebrew alphabet, that represents the Word and the Lamb. The prime factors of 152743 are: 1x23x29x229. The sum is 1+23+29+229=282; this is the 37th palindrome. If we fill in for the prime factors of 152743 the order number of these primes, we find: 1+10+11+51=73. 37 and 73 are numbers with which God his Creation  arranges.

*367= =written, Rev.2:17


***There is a discussion going on how the name Jesus should be written in Hebrew, for the name Jesus comes from the Greek N.T. Personally I think that the  386 form, (Jeshua), correct is, but others give preference to the 391 form, (Jehoshuah). But it is possible that both forms are correct, for it is biblical (Rev.2:17) to get a new name like Abram was changed into Abraham by adding a hee to his name (Gen.17:5). Both Hebrew names of Jesus are together: +=386+391=777.

Word 7x7x7=343 is Elohim in Gen.1:27 and is the 7th word in the verse. It is the 28th time the word Elohim appears in the bible. For this the factors of the word number in the bible (7x7x7) and the word number in the verse (7) seem to be joined together: (7+7+7)+7=28. I remind the reader that the 28 letters of Gen.1:1 with gematria Katan, the starting point of the Hebrew alphabet, the number value 86 (=Elohim) has.

All dividers of 777 are (777 itself excluded): 1, 3, 7, 21, 37, 111 en 259. The sum is 439; this is the 86th prime, the number of Elohim, God. Moreover the 86th palindrome is also 777.

The two words firmament of heaven, , have the number value 395+382=777. This phrase occurs 3 times in the bible ( in verse 14,15 and 17) and in the first chapter it are the only two proceeding words that have the number value 777 together.

More phrases and words with the number value 777:

***The name Methusael, , is mentioned in Gen.4:18 and means: God's man or champion of God, 30+1+300+6+400+40=777.

***well being, peace (Jer.29:7): , 376+401=777

***Offspring (seed) to give (Gen.38:9): , 277+500=777

***See my face (Gen.44:23): , 140+637=777

***And he took his people with him (Ex.14:6): , 116+138+116+407=777

***Meat pots (Ex.16:3): , 507+270=777

***With your vineyards and with your olive trees (Ex.23:11): , 467+310=777

***And they stoned him with stones (Num.15:36): , 105+407+265=777

***God speaks with man, and he lives (Deut.5:21[24]): , 24+50+401+86+216=777

***Good and right in the eyes of  Yahweh, your God (Deut.12:28): , 66+26+142+521+22=777

***Like he promised (said) you (Deut.15:6): , 50+206+521=777.

***Confirm the words (Deut.27:26): , 216+401+160=777

***In their ears the words (Deut.31:28): , 261+401+115=777.

***My doctrine shall drop as the rain (Deut.32:2): , 148+269+360=777.


777=3x7x37 or 3x259

For more words with the number value 777 you can visit the Bible Wheel site.

My dear readers don't let you make mad by the date 07-07-2007. Jesus is probably born in 4 before 0 AD. So we live probably now in the year 2011 AD. So don't look what the 'world' made of it, but look at the bible.


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