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Since long time we try to understand the number 666 of the 'beast' of the end time. Revelation 13 gives a description of the beast. The last verse of that chapter indicates that 666 is the number of a man: Rev.13:18: This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666. This is an invitation of God to do research of numbers in the bible. Many calculations are made and for instance Caesar Nero is appointed as personification of 666. But do we have to look outside the bible? In my opinion it's about a man who has the attitude of Satan. But who or what is Satan....? Let's look what the bible/Jesus is telling us. Math.16:23: Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men. Peter gets addressed here by Jesus as Satan. Is Peter now Satan? Or has Satan whispered something in the ears of Peter? I don't think so. I think that Peter didn't want Jesus to die, for he loved him. He wanted the 'good' for Jesus. But he didn't know or didn't understand (yet) Gods plans with Jesus His reaction on the forthcoming death of Jesus was indeed very human. It seems more a lack of insight which gives rise to a 'satanic' behavior. But also this behavior full of love becomes copied by Satan.  2Cor.11:14 describes it like this: And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Rev 20:2 refers to the original snake. This is the snake, the nachash, of Gen.3:1. In Hebrew is the snake: =300+8+50=358. The snake has the same number value as 'messiah', =8+10+300+40=358. This is a reason to be very careful with the meaning of numbers.

The number 666 of the beast can also mean the corner stone: , (5+50+80)+(300+1+200+30)=135+531=666 (Ps.118:22) Literally is the translation: head of the corner. See how these how the numbers of these two words mirror themselves: 135-531. As if they want to warn for the two-edged character of the words. I'll get back on these numbers.

When we go to Rev.13:18, then we see that the part of the text 'and his number is six hundred sixty six' has the number value 2368. This is also the number of Jesus Christ, . The text indicates that Jesus is aware of the activity of the 'beast', and also that the beast will make himself as Christ.

2368.....23+33+63+83=8+27+216+512=763.....=swords (Lucas 22:38)

Probably is the New Testament originally written in Hebrew, for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were all Jews and spoke Hebrew. And Latin was was the langue of the Roman ruler of that time. However these Hebrew writings are lost and only the Greek documents remain. These writings are later translated in Hebrew again as far as I know. In the gematria of Rev.13:18 we can find some special issues. I copied the Hebrew text from  e-Sword HNT:

Openb.13:18, Hebrew translation

and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

for is the number of a man

Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast:

Here is wisdom:


















606 656 447 600 392 12 45 380 30 28 380 320 36 367 50 73 410
2701 467 1181


      3168 1664


The last part of this phrase 'and his number is six hundred threescore and six' which has with the Greek gematria the number value 2368, has in the Hebrew number value 2701, equal to the Creation number of Gen.1:1. The beast, החיה, who's number 666 is, has the number value: 5+10+8+5=28. It are the 28 letters of Gen.1:1 that have the number value 2701. The phrase 'for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred threescore and six' has the number value: 467+2701=3168, equal to the CV of Lord Jesus Christ, Κυριος Ιησους Χριστος, 800+888+1480=3168

Also an other peculiarity occurs here: the sum of all possible devisors of 3168, the number 3168 itself excluded,  is 6660 or 10x666


All possible devisors of 3168:


1 2 3 4 6 8 9 11 12 16 18 22 24 32 33 36 44 48 66 72 88 96 99 132 144 176 198 264 288 352 396 528 792 1056 1584




So we find in the Greek text the number 2368 and in Hebrew the number 3168; both these numbers relate in a special way to the number of the beast. If we subtract in the Greek version 666 from 2368 is the result: 2368-666=1702, a digit anagram of the Creation number 2701. So this is the number value of the Greek phrase: 'and his number is', και ο αριθμος αυτου, 31+70+430+1171=1702. 


The Hebrew New Testament identifies in Rev.2:16 that it is Jesus who comes to fight with the sword of his mouth. The complete text of the verse is: Repent, or I will come to thee quickly, and I will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.


Rev.2:16, Hebrew translation

and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.





 90 212 42 544

I want to emphasize here again, that numbers have nor a negative nor a positive meaning. Numbers are only the road; it are the motives that make that a number has a positive or a negative effect. It is the attitude of man (Adam/Eve) through which we are expelled out of the Garden of Eden. A flaming sword stands in the way of the entrance of the garden. This text phrase in Gen.3:24 has also the number value 666: and a flaming sword, , 215+44+407=666. But let's return to Satan or the original snake. The first time that the word (Satan) in the bible appears is in 1Kon.5:4 (1Kon.5:18 in some versions) and becomes translated  as adversary. In the matrix with 86 letters on a row, we find the word Satan, , with ELS 86 starting in the word the snake, , in Gen.3:4: Then the serpent said to the woman, "You will not surely die".

the snake, - Satan,

This is the same matrix in which we find the Jesus-code with ELS 86 with the horizontal and vertical coordinates 26 of the first letter. The coordinates of the first letter of Satan are H61 en V36, sum 97. This is the 26th prime. The sum of all coordinates of the Satan-code is: H61+V36+V37+V38=172, which can be expressed as 2x86. This number 172 is interesting for the first Jesus-code in the bible with ELS 172 ends in the 666th letter of the bible. This ayin can be found in the 14th word of Gen.1:14, and for seasons, , 40+10+4+70+6+40+30+6=206:

The first letter of this Jesus-code we find in letter place 150 and is the 22nd jod of the bible. The jod has the number value 10, so 22x10=220. This is important for the 172nd composite is 220. So there is made a mathematical connection between the ELS (172) and the start letter of the code (22x10). 172 itself is the 132nd composite; we keep this in mind, but in itself this is already important for the difference between these two numbers is 172-132=40. This is the word number of the word and called, , in which the code starts. Also the word seems to be pinpointed in the text very carefully. The fact that and for seasons is the 14the word in the 14th verse attracts our attention. The 14the prime is namely 41, and the 41st prime is 173. This happens to be the word number in the bible of this word . It gets even more interesting when we telescope the 14 and the 41 till 141. The 141st prime is 809. This is the word number of the snake or the serpent, , in Gen.3:4. The verse number of this verse is 60, which is also the number value of the samech, , the 15th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and symbolizes the snake. It is the third time that the snake appears in the bible text. The last letter of this word, the shien, , is the begin letter of the Satan-code and is letter 3071, a variant of 0173. Besides that is the distance from the first letter up to and including the last letter of the code 86+86+1=173. This is the case for all three letter codes with ELS 86. The whole Satan code can be found on the letters 3071, 3157 and 3243. The sum is 9471.....1x3x7x11x41 or 231x41. The distance from 41 till 173 is 173-41=132, an anagram/mirror of 231. Notice the following: 132=12x11 and 231=21x11, whereby the numbers 12 and 21 mirror themselves, moreover is the 12th composite 21. The sum of 132 and 231 is 363 (3x112). This is the number value of word 809, the snake, , 300+8+50+5=363 (=palindrome 45), like this word occurs in Gen.3:4. We can telescope 132 and 231 till 1331.  The 112th palindrome is 1331, which is 11x11x11, the cube of eleven. (Yahweh Elohim, , 86+26=112) The unit in the center of this cube is 666. This unit 666 is at the same time the 'corner stone' of the cube 6x6x6, when this cube is placed in the corner of the cube of eleven. (notice: prime 6=11)

Palindrome 112=1331=11x11x11, the center unit is 666, corner stone of the cube 6x6x6.

The first 26 verses of Genesis have exact 1331 letters, of which 112x the aleph, the numerical place of palindrome 1331. On his turn has verse 1331 (Gen.44:6) exact 26 letters. It might be interesting to know that the word value 1331 occurs 11x in the bible (NT), this is the third power root of 1331: =11. But there are some text variations. So take it for what it is worth. And there are six verses in the bible that have the number value 1331 (Prime 6=11) Also the numbers of the corner stone, , 135 and 531 deliver the number 1331 when they become telescoped: 13(5-5)31=1331. Together they are: 135+531=666. 

God isn't afraid tot use the number 666. In Gen.6:12 we find the 666th aleph and is there the begin letter of the 70th Elohim in the bible:


And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

70 is the letter value of the letter ajin, , which has the symbolic meaning of eye. God looks upon the earth and sees it is corrupt, that it is 666. The verse has 3x the vav, , three times the 6 (++=18). The letter places of the three vav's in the verse are 1, 16 and 42, sum 59, which is the 18th prime (18=6+6+6) This 70th Elohim appears to be word 1963 of the bible. In factors is that 13x151. With this the word Elohim gets pinpointed. The dividers of the number 70 are: 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 14 and 35; the sum of these dividers is 74 of 2x37. For the 70th Elohim one 37 becomes diminished, and the other becomes upgraded. The 13th prime is namely 37, and the 37th prime is 151. And the word place of the 70th Elohim is 1963 or 13x151. So the number 37 plays a roll here too.

The verses Gen.3:1-13 have exact 666 letters. This is from the moment that the snake tries to deceive Eve, till her confession before God of what she has done. The central verse of this group verses is Gen.3:7. This is the 7th verse of the group of 13 verses (prime 7=13) and is the 63rd verse of the bible. 63 can be an expression of three sixes, like 37 also a relation has with 777. This becomes even more clear when we go to the 63rd word of these 13 verses. This is word: as Gods, (Gen.3:5 word 11) The number value of this word with the sophit-mem is: 600+10+5+30+1+20=666.

When God promises an offspring to Abraham, has the phrase 'as the dust of the earth', , in Gen.13:16, also the number value  296+370=666. The structure of these two words is related to the composite numbers, for the 296th composite is namely 370.

Because we can calculate the number Pi with Gen.1:1, I did some closer research on this number. Although there are only five digits 'correct' with the calculation with Gen.1:1, we already know millions of digits of Pi. In the surface of the bible text we can easily calculate the first number 3 of Pi on ground of  1Kings 7:23 and 2Chron.4:2. More accurate calculations are deeper in the text embedded. So if we count from the decimal point, the three not counted, we find the sequence 2701 starting at position 165. So the four digits of the Creation number 2701 have the positions: 165, 166, 167 and 168; the sum is 666:

Pi=3, 1415926535 8979323846 263383279.........

The part of Creation that spans the first five words: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, has the number value 1998 or 3x666. In the table of digits of Pi we find on the 666th position the 3.

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
the earth and* the heaven * God  created In the beginning
296 407 395 401 86 203 913
703 1998=3x666

What also attracts my attention is the number 703, the CV of the last two words of Gen.1:1, and* the earth, , 296+407=703, with the first digit on position 407, the CV of the first of those two words. How we have to interpret these data and or they are relevant in Gods number universe we'll have to investigate closer. Here is a link to the Pi-Search Results site.



The sower soweth the word.












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