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5. The Star of David.

The six points on the circle of time can be connected in some different ways. The most common known ways are the triangle and the Star of David or the hexagram.


Infact two triangles are the basis of the hexagram. Triangles can be expressed with numbers. So for instance the triangle number of 4 is ten: 1+2+3+4=10. This triangle can be expressed with an image:


The most perfect triangle is the triangle of three, because there are 3 angles, 3 sides and 3 units on each side. And we might realize that the first triangle is only potential a triangle. But we also might realize that the triangles come forth by counting numbers. It may be clear that the triangles of triangular numbers are equilateral triangles.


So the triangle of 7 is 28. The bible writer used this fact by starting the first verse of the bible, Gen.1:1, with 7 words and 28 letters. Besides that has the first word 6 letters (T3=6) and has the phrase 'In the beginning God created the heaven', 21 letters (T6=21).

The triangle of 7 with 28 places is the starting point for making the Star of David with 37 units.


When we look how the hexagram develops, than we see that the first hexagram, or Star of David, in principle can be found in one circle. The second has 13 units, the third 37 and the fourth 73.


Although there is some difference of opinion about how to count the hexagrams, I think the second one should not be counted. The reason of this difference of opinion is the fact that the second hexagram is turned on its side, and is not build up out of triangles of triangular numbers. And mathematicians don't like departure from a rule. But you can see and draw a Star of David with seven units. And the first hexagram is of course only potential. The formula to calculate the number of units of a Star of David is:


So H(3+1)=(12xD3)+1.....H4=(12x6)+1=72+1=73

This formula makes clear that the third Star of David with 13 units is the first star that satisfies the formula. (The H stand for Hexagram and I made the 1 grey, because there are different interpretation possible. I could not yet determine if the counting of the Hexagrams important is for interpreting the codes in the bible. For the numbering of the primes and composites it is important) So the Star with 13 units is the first star that satifies the formula; the Hebrew word echad means one and has the number value 13: , 4+8+1=13.


The reader will have seen that the third and the fourth Star of David have respectively 37 and 73 units. These are the factors with which the number value 2701 of Gen.1:1 is build up. Also appears the core of the fourth hexagram, the hexagon, to have 37 units, thus is equal in units to the third hexagram. The formula for the number of units in a hexagon (h) is:

hn=(6xTn)+1.......so: h3=(6xT3)+1=(6x6)+1=36+1=37


Not only in the number structure of the number of letters and words the triangle plays a roll, also in the number value of the first verse the triangle plays a roll. 2701 is namely the triangular number of 73. Vernon Jenkins has written about this phenomenon, but it is necessary to mention it here to get a good understanding of the mathematical structure of the bible text.

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
the earth and* the heaven * God created In the beginning
296 407 395 401 86 203 913
703=T37 1998=3x666

The seven words of Gen.1:1 can be divided in two groups of words with special properties. The first group has five words: In the beginning God created the heaven, with the number value 1998. And the second group contains word six and seven: and* the earth, with the number value 703. This number happens to be the triangle of 37. This triangle can be placed in the triangle of 73, so that each corner of T37 touches one of the sides of T73, for the middle between 1 and 73 is 37.

T73=2701 T37=703

The number 1998 of the first five words appears to be divided in three triangles and each triangle has 666 units, and is the triangle of 36. This are now the cornerstones that keep the earth on its place. The Hebrew word for cornerstone or head of the corner is: , (5+50+80)+(300+1+200+30)=135+531=666.(Ps.118:22)

  The Star of David seems to nest itself in the beginning of the bible. The text must have been written by Moses about 1450 year B.C. Yet there are no archeological findings of Stars of David from the beginning time of the bible. The oldest finding, as far as I know, is dated approximately the 3rd or the 4th century B.C. And not before the 15th century after Christ the ‘magen David’, the shield of David, was used as a symbol for the Jews. Therefore it's the question if Moses was aware of the fact that when he wrote down the bible text, he also wrote down the mathematical laws of the hexagram. From creation point of view it's logic, for with creation of heaven and earth appear also the Laws of Nature and of course the mathematical Laws too. It doesn't have to surprise us that other cultures know the hexagram as a symbol too: it's a part of Creation. And therefore we don't have to be surprised that we can find Pi with Gen.1:1. Later I will demonstrate also Pythagoras's Theorem in Gen.1:1.

From the number value 2701 of Gen.1:1 can be drawn a mathematical pattern of 37x73. A star of stars. Maybe Revelation 22:16 is here on its place:

‘I, Jesus, sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the root and offspring of David, the bright morning star.'

But for putting the reader on the wrong leg, or maybe to put the reader on two legs, I add a text from Isaiah. In the bible you can always find this double pattern. The text is sometimes like a two cutting sword.

  Isaiah 14:12 ‘ How are you fallen from heaven, O bright star, son of the morning! how are you cut down to the ground, you who ruled the nations!’









the only (son)











the life



I have also added an image of a star of 73x37 units to show that AxB is not always equal to BxA. This phenomenon is also known in the quantum mechanics. If we look in the world of atoms we see the same thing. Atoms contain protons (p), neutrons (n) and electrons (e). When we call an atom A then we can formulate the third element as: A3=(3.p+3.n+3.e) However this not equal to 3.A=3(p+n+e). The same amount of protons, neutrons and electrons. It are different elements with different properties:

We have to consider that in the world of numbers this phenomenon also occurs.



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