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4. The circle and the time.

By the acting of God, creating heaven and earth, something changes on the eternity: time appears. This is the consequence of the acting of God. History teaches us that there was a lot of misunderstanding about the explanation of the seven days of creation. How literally or symbolically should our interpretation of the bible text be?

Eternity can be imagined as a circle: a line without beginning and without an end. In mathematics a twisted circle is used as a symbol of an eternal line (lemniscates): . Time can be seen as a classification of eternity. The bible tells us that there are six days of creation and one day of rest. This pattern can be found in the mathematical division of the circle. A circle can be divided by it's own radius in six equal parts. This can made visible by joining seven equal coins together. There can be drawn a larger circle through the centers of the six coins or circles on the outside. This larger circle becomes divided in six equal parts. The seventh circle plays no roll in dividing, you might say he is in rest. I think that the six days of creation and the seventh as a day of rest are based on this mathematical pattern. This thought is supported by the fact that the six days of creation are secured in the first chapter and the seventh day in the second chapter. So we find here a 6-1 division of the seven days.


This way of looking seems to me very logical. It is an open door to say that the dial plate of the clock is derived from this too. With the circle as starting point the clock with the twelve ours can be constructed, like we use to measure time. The circle is probably also the base of the dozen. You can find this 6-1 pattern in many different ways in the bible. Also in gematria. In Gen.1:1 you can find different examples. By means of primes this 6-1 division becomes visible. Both the gematria methods Ragil and Katan show this pattern. With gematria Katan six words out of the seven are prime:

With gematria Ragil it is just the opposite: six words are not prime and one word prime:

Also with the sum of the letter places we find one prime and six composites:

And with gematria Millui, gematria full, this pattern can be found too: (gematria Millui: a=aleph, ==80+30+1=111, b=beth, = =400+10+2=412 etc.)

The partition of the six alephs over the seven words has a similar pattern. Six words with an aleph and one word without an aleph. It is God who established the Sabbath as day of rest and God himself fulfils this condition too. The bible writer has woven this very carefully in the text. If we look to the letter places of the six alephs then we will see that God controls the text. The aleph represents God in the bible. This is what the first verse is telling us:

The sum of the letter places of the six alephs is: 26+23+15+10+9+3=86: God. The primes in this sequence have the value: 26+23+15+10+9+3=26. This happens to be the number of the name of God,  Yahweh,  , 5+6+5+10=26. It is as if God places his signature. The not primes that remain have the sum: 26+15+10+9=60. This is also the sum of the letter places of word three: God, ‘Elohim’, in Gen.1:1: 14+13+12+11+10=60. So God and his name are here committed in different ways.

One and other points out that the 6-1 relation, based on the circle, and with that time, put it's stamp on the bible. From this point of view we don't have to be surprised that the number Pi, which is needed for calculating the circumference of a circle, can be calculated with help of Gen.1:1. It is correct till 5 ciphers. Why not totally perfect? Couldn't the bible writer(s) that? I think they could. The simple division 355:113 gifs already a more accurate number for Pi, correct till 7 ciphers. The bible writer used these two numbers to make codes. I'll write later about that.

The next calculation is not found by myself, but as far as  I know by Vernon Jenkins in cooperation with Craig Paardekooper and Peter Bluer. The calculation is miraculously simple.


    The calculation of Pi with help of Gen.1:1.

The 28 letters of Gen.1:1 have 28 number values. These letter values we multiply with each other x28. This gives a large number of  43 ciphers. This number becomes divided by the multiplication of the seven word values x7 (19 ciphers) In total there are 43+19=62 ciphers. Now we remove 26 zeros so that the amount of numbers above the line is the same as the amount under the line. (2x18 ciphers) Here by can be noticed that 62 mirrors 26 (62-26=36=2x18) The result of the division is the number Pi, 5 ciphers correct: 3.141554....



But how important are the digits behind the decimal point? Is a decimeter 10cm or 100mm or is it 0,1 meter? It all depends on with what the digits are connected! To understand the number Pi a bit better I made an image of the digits of Pi.

3.14 will never become 3.15 and 3.141 will never become 3.142 and so on. At the place of the digit 2 the unit is already as small as a pixel of a computer screen. So even if we have a bilion digits of Pi, they all will fit into only one pixel!

Aleksander Litto, a researcher from Poland, found recently also in Mat.20:5 the number Pi, also with five digits correct. He was searching for the Creation number 2701 of Gen.1:1 in the Greek New Testament. Only one word with the number value 2701 can be found in the NT. And that is the last word of  Mat.20:5: ωσαυτως, likewise:

Mat.20:5, 9 words, 50 letters

Again he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise.




















The number value of the verse is 6283, which is a digit anagram of 2368, the CV of Jesus Christ (Gr.).  The calculation that is applied is 'likewise' the calculation in Gen.1:1. Only this time the number value of the verse becomes multiplied with the number of letters of the verse:

number of letters of Mat.20:5 x number value of Mat.20:5



We see indeed that the calculation has as outcome the first five digits of Pi.

Pi is an irrational number, which means that there are infinite ciphers after the point. The exact number pi we cannot measure even if we find a billion ciphers after the point. Possibly this is one of the reasons why the bible writer has chosen this number, for God can't be measured. God is infinite and eternal.

So Pi is related with eternity. From out of eternity God is/becomes active. This activity can be expressed by the multiplication of God (86) and time. For time I have chosen the length of a year as an objective time measure. The encyclopedia gives for a year 365.2422 days. The activity of God with time can then be formulated as follows:

God x time

86 x 365.2422=3141168

This activity of God with the earthly time has as result the number Pi, 4 ciphers correct. The calculation ignores the decimal point. That I have chosen a year for time measuring is because the year has a fixed measure namely 365.2422 days. One day is one turn of the earth around its own axis. This is a fixed time. The time of revolution of the earth around the sun is also a fixed time. Now we can also express the activity of God and Pi by multiplication. We use the four correct ciphers that we found with the multiplication of God and time:

God x Pi


The outcome of the multiplication points to the number value of Gen.1:1, for that happens to be 2701....


The diameter of the ‘Circle of Creating of God’ is 86; the radius is than 43. We also might say that the diameter 2x43 or 43+43 is. If we multiply these factors we find:




                                            word   478      477

On letter 1849 appears Yahweh, the name of God, for the first time in the bible:


In the beginning I was surprised about this construction, but the bible appears to be full with these kind of mathematical jokes. Specially when a word appears for the first time in the bible text or when an important statement is made, it becomes pinpointed with numbers. And it doesn't stop here. There can always be found more witnesses. Let's look further: the jod, with the number value 10, the first letter of Yahweh, letter 1849, appears to be the 260th jod of Genesis, or 10x26. The number value of the word Yahweh is:  =5+6+5+10=26. Or if we 260 factorize further: 260=(2x2)x5x134+5+13=22 (In Gen.2 it is the 22nd jod!!!) So in Gen.1 there are: 260-22=238 jods. In factors: 238=2x7x172+7+17=26. By the way the sum of the digits of 1849 is: 1+8+4+9=22.

The factors of 238 can also be expressed with an one: 1x2x7x171+2+7+17=27. By researching the third verse (Gen.1:3) we will see that the verse starts with 22nd word of Genesis and ends with the 27th word.  The gematria of the 26th and the 27th word together is 238  (and there was - light = = 207+31=238). So the name Yahweh points, when he appears for the first time in the bible, to the light..... The 27 and 22 who play a roll in building the alphabet, seem to play here a roll too.

With the measure of a year (365,2422 days) I want to go to the bible text. Word 36524/ 36525 we can find in Ex.39:17 the sixth and the seventh word: =two rings.


Well the ring or circle that's the orbit the earth describes around the sun in 365,2422 days. Ex.39:17 is speaking of two rings. And there are two rings needed to measure the year.


But now I want to return to the number Pi calculated with Gen.1:1. The 5 correct ciphers we use as starting point to go to the bible text. We look for word 31415. When we use a longer sequence of Pi to search a word number it would be out of the Tenach (O.T.), for the Tenach has 305485 words. Word 31415 is located in Ex.28:15 the 15th word: : to weave, woven, twisted.

We see that the number Pi and other numbers are woven in the bible text in many different ways.

An other reason that one can calculate Pi with Gen.1:1 is the fact that everything in creation is based on the round or ball form. In the micro cosmos the atoms are round and in the macro cosmos sun, moon and stars are round like our earth. But not exact round, the earth is flattened:

flattening of the earth

The difference between Pi (exact) and Pi (Gen.1:1) is that Pi Gen.1:1 is about 0,000038….. smaller. The difference between both Pi numbers is for the calculation of the flattening of the earth mathematical not quite correct. The ‘deviation’ of Pi is than a bit larger. Pi is than about 3.138…(difference 0,0035..) But maybe there are other calculations possible.........time will learn.

It is also possible that the difference has a more symbolic meaning. If we place the digits of Pi along the first verse, that's to say one digit per word, than we see that Pi is correct until  the heaven:

The number value of these five words is: 913+203+86+401+395=1998. This is 54x37. These five words have 21 letters; composite 21=33, the sum is 21+33=54. This number is the 37th composite. Also the sum of the individual digits of the values of the first five words is: (9+1+3)+(2+0+3)+(8+6)+(4+0+1)+(3+9+5)=54. And who doesn't know the phrase: ‘so in heaven, so on earth’. We see that word 6 and 7, ‘and*  the earth’, correspond with the digits  5 and 4. The number value of these  two words is: 407+296=703. This is the triangular number of 37 (1+2+3+……3+37=703) But that's not all. De factors of 1998 can also be expressed with an one: 1x54x37. The sum of the factors is then: 1+54+37=92.(1998 in factors: 1x2x(3x3x3)x37; the sum of these factors is: 1+2+27+37=67) The digits of this number 92 correspond with the word places 6 and 7 of the exact number Pi!!! Moreover the 67th composite is 92, and the 37th composite is 54! This can also be approached in an other way. If we take the text of Revelation 22:13: I am the Alfa and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end, and apply the text on the factors of 1998 than we find 1x(2x3x3x3)x37. The 1 and the 37 are of God and the 2x3x3x3=54 are for us, for the earth.  This can be a clue how heavenly things are brought to earth. But it is difficult to give an exact meaning or explanation for this kind of calculations. Maybe the difference between 92 and 54 can explain it: 92-54=38. This can be an expression of three eights: 888, , Jesus. He will make the earth perfect. The factors 1x2x3x3x3x37 that belong to God have the sum 1+37=38. If God becomes active with this number than that can be expressed by the multiplication: 38x86=3268. This is an anagram of 2368, , Jesus Christ.

Of all the creation days says the bible: it became evening and it became morning, day one; a second day, a third day etc. So the days of creation become closed. Only about the seventh it's not said. This day becomes not closed. Because man is created in the sixth day and this day is closed, we now have to live in the seventh day. The Fall of Adam and Eve plays in the transition time of the sixth day to the seventh day of creation.

The circle of time can be classified in the same manner as the great creation cycle. In this small cycle usually 1000 years are taken for one day on ground of different bible texts. (Ps 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8).

2 Peter 3:8:But you must not forget, dear friends, that a day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.

Because there has passed almost 6000 years since the creation story of Adam, you might say that we are living now in the transition time of the 6th and the 7th millennium. According to some calculations we have already passed the 6000th year; but according to the Jewish calendar we are now in the year  5765 (ann. begin 2005) I think the transition of the 6th to the 7th millennium is not very far any more. I will make a calculation for this later. This is the time about which Jesus says that wars, famine and earthquakes will increase, like a woman in labor. (Math.24) The bible tells us that Jesus returns immediately after the tribulation. (Mat.24:30) He will bring all things in order, and then starts a millennial kingdom on earth where right will rule (Revelation 20:4). Nobody knows that day, even Jesus didn't know exactly (Mat.24:36), but look for the signs of time then you know it's standing at the doorstep. I will do another chapter on this issue. In the meantime you can find here an interesting site.


Also on the site of inner.org you can find interesting information about how pi is integrated in the bible text.


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