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20. The aleph and Elohim.

The aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and has the number value 1. Because we see God as the beginning of all things the aleph represents God in the alphabet and in the bible. This is embodied in the structure of the first letter and the first verse of the bible. So we look first at the inner structure of the aleph. This letter is constructed out of three/two other letters of the alphabet. Two jods and a vav. The vav connects the jod from above with the jod beneath. The vav has the meaning of hook or nail and is usually translated as the word 'and'. In this way it is the connecting element. The sum of these letters is: 10+6+10=26. This is the number value of the name of God: Yahweh, , 5+6+5+10=26.

This interpretation is very common known. Nevertheless when we use the gematria Millui (full) for these two jods and vav, then the sum is: (4+6+10)+(6+6)+(4+6+10)=20+12+20=52. This also turns out to be the gematria in 'n' (the letter places in the alphabet) of God, Elohim, : 24+10+5+12+1=52. In fact we find here 2x26.
The number value of the name Yahweh, , is equal to the sum of the proceeding numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8:


Of these four numbers we can make an other kind of triangular counting where we count the numbers two by two until there is one number left. The result is the 52, equal to the gematria in 'n' of Elohim:

24    28
11    13    15
5      6      7      8
Gematria 'n' of Elohim==25+10+5+12+1=52

When we approach these four numbers in a different way then the result is 1680, the CV of Christ  like this word occurs in Acts 28:31:


The gematria 'full' of the aleph has also a relation with the gematria 'full' of Elohim. The aleph 'full' is: , 80+30+1=111. This are the units on the level of numbers, tens and hundreds. In Hebrew 111 can be expressed as , 1-10-100. As multiplication we can express 111 as: 3x37. The word hundred eleven is in Hebrew: , 570+19+46=635. This is also the number value of the word three, , 5+300+30+300=635 (see The theorem of Pythagoras). Interesting is that the sum of the CV's of word 6, 3 and 5 (635) is: 407+86+395=888, the number of Jesus, . Three ones can also be written as three alephs for =1. So the number 111 can be expressed as: . And every aleph hides again the number value 26. So now we have also 3x26 (=78) This is the number value of Yahweh Elohim, , with gematria in 'n': 26+52=78. Now becomes the 'truth' of 26 expressed by its prime. The 26th prime is 97. When we fill in this value for the three alephs we find: 97+97+97=291.

Now is the gematria 'full' of Elohim also 291, for 80+20+6+74+111=291. See also the image beneath.

With an other gematria system we can find a connection between God and His name. This system uses the square of the normal letter values. I think that I have shown that in chapter 13 already, but it belongs also in this series.

The square of the letters mean that every single part of Elohim, of God, has come till completion.

Also the first verse tells us that the aleph represents God. This becomes made clear by means of the letter places of the aleph. In Gen.1:1 six alephs are used and are divided over seven words. The first letter of the bible, the beth, tells how the alephs must be distributed over the seven words. The beth, , has the number value 2, and with gematria full, =400+10+2=412. The digits 4 and 2 can be divided in respectively 4 and 2 units. The 1 can not be divided in more than one unit. You might say that this unit is in 'rest'. The 4 and 2, together 6, can be divided=work. The bible tells us that there are six days of creation and one day of rest. There are 6 alephs in Gen.1:1 and one hidden, which I will show later. The digits in 412 show how the six alephs over the seven words become distributed. The first four words have an aleph (=work), the fifth word has no aleph (=rest) and the sixth and the seventh word have also an aleph (=work). 412 in the Hebrew reading direction from right to left is 214: 2 - 1 - 4 or 1-1-1-1-1-1-1.


  the earth          and*          the heaven         *                God        created    In the beginning

Although this division is well known, nobody seems to realize that this division originates from the first letter of de bible. The sum of the six letter places of the aleph is 26+23+15+10+9+3=86, the number value of Elohim, . The primes in this sequence have the sum: 26+23+15+10+9+3=26, the number value of Yahweh, , the name of God. 23 and 3 are respectively the 10th and the 3rd prime. The sum is 10+3=13, the number value of echad, one, . Yahweh Elohim is One: . This is what Deut.6:4 expresses: Hear Israel, Yahweh, our God Yahweh, is one. The gematria of this verse is 1118 or 86x13, Elohim x Echad. The prime places 23 and 3 of the aleph, seem to confirm the creation structure; we find those primes in word 1 and word 6.

Possibly these six alephs point out that one is the first prime. This becomes clear when we count the letter places two by two until there is only one number left. This happens to be the number 439, which is the 86th prime, when one is counted as the first prime.






















































































Prime 86=439

The beth, the 2, is also responsible for the letter places of the aleph in Gen.1:1. By mathematical upgrade the letter places can be found. The first step is the triangle of 2: 1+2=3. This appears to be the letter place of the first aleph. If we upgrade this 3 further we find: 1+2+3=6. Because 6 falls in the first word and there is only one place available in each word, we look for an other upgrade of the triangle of 2. That could be: 32=9. And indeed this is the letter place of the second aleph. You might ask why in the second word not 8 (=23) is the alef. I think it is because in the first word the 3 goes before the 4 (=22). The 3 gets the first chance to upgrade. So the next step will be the square of 2: 2x2=4. This number falls also in the first word and because there is only one aleph per word, we have to upgrade the 4. Because the letter place in the second word is given to the 9, we have to go to the triangle of 4: T4=10. The letter place in the third word of the third aleph is 10. A next step could be the joining of the 2 and the 3, together 5. But also the square of the digits of the triangle of 2, (1x1)+(2x2)=5 has the same outcome. Also the five falls in the first word and needs to be upgraded furthermore. The triangle of 5 is 15. This is the letter place of the 4th aleph in the fourth word.

The sum of all the digits in the triangle of 2, when every unit gets a proceeding number, is 1+2+3=6. This is at the same time the triangle of three. This number is also located in the first word and needs to be upgraded further. The triangle of 6 is: 1+2+3+4+5+6=21. Because 21 falls in the 5th word, there where is rest, no aleph becomes placed there. With 21 the Super natural part of Creation is finished, the creation of Heaven by God. This all has to do with the properties of numbers. The 6 we can see as a Super Perfect Number; the sum of the dividers is equal to the multiplication of the dividers: 1+2+3=6=1x2x3. The 6 is the one and only number where this phenomenon occurs. The triangle of 6 is 21. After word 5, the heaven, there where is rest, no new numbers become formed by upgrading. For word 6 and 7, (and*)+(the earth), we find the 'marriage' of numbers. For word 6 the marriage of 2&3=23, the letter place of the fifth aleph. And for word 7 the marriage of 2&6=26, the letter place of the sixth aleph. Now we have the letter places of all alephs of Gen.1:1 with help of mathematical upgrading of the two. It is also nice to see that the sum of the letter places of aleph 6 and 7 is: 23+26=49=7x7. Within this group of two words it are respectively the 2nd and the 5th letter, sum 7:

7  6  5  4

2  1

28  27  26  25

24  23  22

I will show now how the seventh aleph is hidden in the first verse. This is the aleph that is in 'rest', and that rest we find in word 5, in the heaven. In fact are word 4 and 5 grammatical a unit. And mathematical the 4 and the 5 have a relation, for prime 4 is 5. See also chapter 7 how the 4 and the 5 are connected by Yahweh (26) and Elohim (86) in the table of Perfect Primes. Word 4 and 5:


40 - 10 - 40 - 300 - 5       400 - 1

Together these two words have 7 letters. Also here are six units that 'work' and one is in 'rest'. All the number values of the letters can become divided in more than one unit, except for the aleph. Moreover this aleph did already work together as one of the six alephs. Now this aleph is in rest. The sum of the letter places is then: 21+20+19+18+17+16+15=111. This is the number value of the word 'aleph', The sum of the individual digits is: (2+1)+(2+0)+(1+9)+(1+8)+(1+7)+(1+6)=39. The number 39 is the 26th composite, and expresses: Yahweh is One, , 13+26=39. Also God (86) seems to confirm my reasoning. The number value of  these seven alephs is:

++++++==1+1+1+1+111+1+1=117. The 86th composite is 117.

If we now fill in for the six letter places of the alephs triangular numbers, than the sum is: 853. This is the number value of the word the seal, , 400+40+400+8+5=853.(Gen.38:25)

 Sum of the triangular numbers of the letter places of the six alephs in Gen.1:1 

 letter places 



 triangular numbers 



With this God seems to seal the bible text with the aleph. If we fill in for the letter place numbers 16 till 21 of the hidden aleph primes, than is the sum 358, the number of the Messiah, , 8+10+300+40=358. Jesus is the Messiah and he claims to be the truth. Truth becomes expressed by primes, this is the reason why primes are used for this code. This number 358 is reflecting itself in the number 853 of the seal.

letter places of the hidden aleph

 letter places 






Probably the first verse tells us that the Messiah at the transition time of the fourth and the fifth millennium will appear. I did mention this already before, but this is the indication that I have. (Here you can find the timeline)

An other approach to determine the division between Heaven and Earth, can be found in the composite numbers. The 1234th composite is 1467. Together they sum: 1234+1467=2701, the CV of Gen.1:1. Both numbers together can be seen as a proceeding sequence from 1 till 7. However on the place of the 5 we find a 1 and a 4:

1 2 3 4 - 1 4 6 7
1 2 3 4 (1-4) 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This is the place (word 5, the Heaven) where there is no aleph, or only hidden present. The 5, or in fact the first five numbers, contain 4 primes (1, 2, 3 and 5) and one composite number (4). 5 is the 4th prime, and 4 is the 1st composite. In this way the 1-4 relation is included in the five.

I can't discuss all the alephs, but the letter places in Gen.1:2 are also very interesting. In this verse we find two alephs. The first aleph is letter 31 and the second is letter 62 of the bible. Both numbers are dividers of the third Perfect Number 496, namely the 6th and the 7th divider. In verse two the letter places of the two alephs are respectively 3 and 34. The first aleph seems to appoint the place of the second one: 3 is the place of the first aleph in the verse and 31 is the place in the bible, sum 3+31=34. This is the letter place of the second aleph in the verse. 62 is also a duplication of 31, of El, ; 62 is the start letter of the second time Elohim that appears in the bible. Interesting is that 62 is the 43rd composite which is half of 86, the number of Elohim. We're talking about the 7th and the 8th aleph of the bible: 7+8=15.....the 15th prime is 43. This is also the reflection of 34. The numbers 31 and 62 are respectively the 6th and the 7th divider of the Perfect Number 496, sum 6+7=13..... the 13th prime is 37.....the letter places of the two alephs in the verse are 3 and 34, sum 37. It all works like the wheel-work in a watch; all the wheels seem to move in a different direction, but in the end the watch is showing the right time.

There where the 1st Elohim in the first verse starts on the tenth letter, the 2nd Elohim is the tenth word in the second verse. The 3rd Elohim starts on the tenth aleph of the bible; this is letter 86, the number of Elohim Himself. In the three everything finds its place. Elohim is there the 23rd word of the bible, and.....23 is the 10th prime. In verse three God makes the light; and he is doing that with 23 letters. and in the light we can find God. 

A reason that Elohim is connected with the 10 can be found in the number 86. This number is build up out of two digits, an 8 and a 6. If we fill in these numbers in the Theorem of Pythagoras then we find c=10:

a2+b2=c2, 82+62=102.

It might be interesting to know that 26x26=676. This is the number value of the word triangle, , 300+30+6+300+40=676. This might express that we find in the trinity the fulfillment of Gods Name.

The longest sequence of alephs that can be found in the bible with ELS is a sequence of 10x the aleph: . A longer sequence can not be found in the Tenach (O.T.). The ELS of this sequence is 1850 or 50x37:

The code starts, or ends, in Gen.11:4. This is interesting for in this verse the building of the tower of Babel is described, whose top is supposed to reach unto heaven. The code comes out exactly in the top of the tower:

Gen.11:4, verse 271

      59                                                                                            27                                                                    3

And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top [may reach] unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

In verse Gen.11:5 God comes down from heaven to look to the city and the tower that the sons of man have build. This becomes expressed by the ten alephs ending  in the top of the tower. Gen.11:4 is the 271st verse of the bible. This number is the 59th prime and at the same time the tenth prime of which the reduced number is one: 271...2+7+1=10...1+0=1.

Prime numbers with reduced number 1





























The word ten, , can be found with the same ELS 1850 very close to the 10x aleph-code. We find this code-word in column 1733; this appears to be the 271st prime. The distance from column 1754 where we find the 10x aleph-code, till column 1733 is 21 or 3x7.

God is one.


13  +  12  +  86



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