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18. The perfect number 496.

In chapter eleven I already mentioned the perfect number.  A perfect number is positive integer that is equal to the sum of its positive integral factors, including 1 but excluding itself. Six and twenty-eight are the first two perfect numbers:

the divisors of 6 are: 1, 2 and 3 1+2+3=6

the divisors of 28 are: 1, 2, 4, 7 and 14 1+2+4+7+14=28

The bible writer has used this fact by starting the bible with the word 'berashit', , with 6 letters and the whole first verse with 28 letters:


The third perfect number is 496:

Divisors of the Perfect number 496
 9 divisors   1   2   3   4   5   6  7   8   9 
 divisors of 496    1     2     4     8    16   31   62   124   248 

Sum: 1+2+4+8+16+31+62+124+248=496

The last letter of Gen.1:1 is the tsadee, , with the number value 90. This is the 28th letter of the verse. The triangular number of 28 is 406. Together with the number value of the tsadee that is: 406+90=496. In this way the third perfect number seems to be coded the first verse.
After some searching I found also the forth perfect number in Gen.1:1. To find this number we have to count the letter values, two by two, from each word till there is one number left. So we find seven numbers that add up to 8128, the forth perfect number:

Triangle 0127=8128

All divisors of 8128 are: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 127, 254, 508, 1016, 2032 and 4064,
sum: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+127+254+508+1016+2032+4064=8128

The first three perfect numbers can easily become implemented in a text, however for the fourth perfect number this is different. And it becomes even more complex for also the number Pi, the Theorem of Pythagoras and a lot of mathematical laws and numbers are hidden/revealed in the first verse.

All perfect numbers are triangular numbers. 6 is the triangle of three, 28 is the triangular number of seven and 496 is the triangle of thirty one:






Divisors of the Perfect number 496
 9 divisors  1   2   3   4   5   6  7   8   9 
 divisors of 496    1     2     4     8    16   31   62   124   248 

Of the nine divisors of the third Perfect number 496 the 5 is the middle divisor. So 16 is the central divisor. The factors of 496 (this is something else then the divisors) are: 1x(2x2x2x2)x31 or 1x16x31. The 16 is also the center between 1 and 31:

 2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 























By the way, this centering is a property of all Perfect numbers:

All Perfect Numbers are centered (except T3)





CT -




















CT= 14.911.261

More perfect numbers can be found here. An other property of perfect number is that they always end up with an 8 or a 6, the digits that form together 86, the CV of Elohim. And an other interesting detail is the fact that if we count the six digits of the first perfect number 6 two by two, the sum is 112, the CV of Yahweh Elohim:

So the 5th divisor of 496 is 16. The multiplication of those two numbers is: 5x16=80. The 80th prime is 401, the number value of the central untranslatable word, the nota objecty, eth, of Gen.1:1. The third perfect number 496 turns out to be the 401st composite. An 'exaggerated coincident'. (composites are all numbers, the primes excluded. So 4 is the first composite) The letter places of this word are 15 and 16, together 31 (15 is the sum of the first 4 divisors of 496: 1+2+4+8=15)

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
28-27-26-25 24-23-22 21-20-19-18-17 16-15 14-13-12-11-10  9 - 8 - 7  6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
296 407 395 401 86 203 913

Composite 401=496, the 3rd Perfect number.

So we see that the middle word of Gen.1:1, which is composed of the first and the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, hides the third perfect number 496. The aleph and the tav, the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last represent God (Rev.1:8). The Alpha and Omega is: 1+800=801. This number is the 661st composite. 661 is related to the number 496. With the triangle of 496 units the Star of David with 661 units can be formed:

In this way the first and the last letter of the Hebrew and the Greek alphabet are connected. We will see that the numbers 496 and 661 often cooperate together in structuring the bible text. But there is something special going on: 496 is a composite but 661 is a prime number. 661 is the 122nd prime. The sum of these two numbers is: 661+122=783. The sum of 496 and its order number 401 is 897. These two numbers sum together: 897+783=1680, equal to the CV of Χριστου, Christ.

The sum of the letter places of the aleph, until the word eth is: 3+9+10+15=37, while the sum of the letter places of the tav is: 6+16=22.

We can go now to letter 496, but first I will go to word 496. This word appears to be the 37th 'Elohim' in the bible text and can be found in Gen.2:5. I suppose that it is clear to the reader that the number 37 has a special function in the bible structure. Because 496 is the 401st composite and aleph-tav is 401, I looked for the letter places in the alphabet of the aleph and the tav. These are respectively the 1st and the 22nd letter. The sum is 1+22=23. Gen.2:5 appears to have 23 words. 401 is the 80th prime, the number of letters of Gen.2:5 is 80 or 5x16. The 5th divisor of 496 is 16. The 37th Elohim is the 16th word and at the same time the 5th Elohim of chapter 2. Also the aleph, , of the 37th Elohim appears to be the 22nd aleph of chapter 2. Also here the 1 and 22 are joined.

Gen.2:5 is the 36th verse of the bible and has 23 words and 80 letters.
 5th composite is 10  

................................prime 10=23... 

...23 words
 16th composite is 26  

...26-62......62ste composite is 86... 

...16th word: Elohim 
sum is 36    ...Gen.2:5 is verse 36 of the bible... ...80 letters =5x16 

Furthermore 496 is the triangular number of 31. The singular form of Elohim is 'El', , and has the number value 31. This is possibly one of the many reasons that word 496 is Elohim, God. The 31 becomes connected here with the 37. 31 is also the 6th divisor of 496, together 31+6=37. The multiplication of these two numbers is: 6x31=186. Word 186 is the 16th Elohim in the bible (Gen.1:16) The 16th composite is 26, the number value of Yahweh. The sum of the squares of the number values of the four letters of Yahweh, is: 52+62+52+102=25+36+25+100=186.

496     661

The Star of David that can be formed with the triangle of 496 units has 661 units. Word 661 is also Elohim (Gen.2:19). This is the 44th of the bible. 44 can be formulated here as 37+7, for word 496 is the 37th Elohim. The word Elohim seems to connect itself with mathematical facts. [It is also nice to see that the center of gravity of the triangle 496 is 221 and that 661 is prime 122. The sum of these numbers that have reversed digits is: 221+122=343=(7x7x7) Until verse Gen.2:19, where we find word 661, there are 686 words in the bible, which is: 2x(7x7x7)]

In the first chapter of the bible we find 32x (=25) Elohim, so word 496 is the (37-32=5) 5th Elohim in the second chapter. It turns out to be the 16th word in Gen.2:5. The 5th divisor of 496 is 16. An exaggerated coincidence. The first chapter of the bible has 434 words, which is 2x7x31 or 7x62. The 7th divisor of 496 is 62. The 434 words of Gen.1 plus the 62 words of Gen.2 bring us to word 434+62=496, the 37th Elohim. The first and the second chapter of the bible are as well connected as divided by the divisors of 496.

In chapter 2 the letter places of the 5th (=37th) Elohim are: 246, 247, 248, 249 and 250. The sum of these numbers is 1240 or 5x248. De middle letter of Elohim, , is the hee with the letter value 5 and is also letter 248 in Gen.2. The ninth divisor of 496 is 248.

So in the verse (Gen.2:5) ‘Elohim’ is the 16th word. From the start of the second chapter 'Elohim' is the 62nd word and at the same time the 5th Elohim in Gen.2. The number 62 is the 7th factor in the sequence of divisors of 496. Here in the second chapter the 5th divisor becomes connected with the 7th divisor of 496. Note: prime 5=7. Here becomes referred by means of the 'prime jump' from the 5th verse to the 7th verse in Genesis 2: Gen.2:7 has namely 16 words and 62 letters.

In Gen.2:7 is described an other time  what in verse 27 already was described, namely: the creation of men. This is an important part of Creation and it is possibly for this reason that this verse is tied up mathematical way. This impression becomes even stronger in Gen.2:22 where the woman is made and brought to the man. This verse starts on letter 2727 and ends on letter 2772. From the start of the bible there are 727 words to the end of the verse. From verse 27 (the creation of men) up to and including Gen.2:22 (woman brought to the man) are 27 verses. The number 2772 happens to be the 2368th composite. Because 2368 is the CV of Jesus Christ, he seems to place also here his fingerprint.

An other theme can be found between the start of the bible and the third day of creation. Letter 496 is to be found in the third day in Gen.1:11 the 50th letter. From the start of the third day (Gen.1:9) this is the 151st letter. Now was word 496 the 37th Elohim and the 37th prime is 151. With this seems word 496 to connect itself with letter 496 in the third day for letter 496 happens to be the 151st letter in the third day:

It is also nice to see that the third day contains 259 letters, which is 7x37. Seven stars with 37 units can express this number :

259=7x37and 151 is:

The core, the hexagons of the six outmost stars plus the seventh Star of David in the center is:


In the third day the accent lays on the number 151, the 37th prime. The last Elohim that occurs in the third day is word 151 of the bible. Till the end of the third day there are 604 letters which is: 4x151. This might be an expression of importance of this number 151 (letter 496 of the bible) in the third day. The gematria of these five verses is: 3068+2074+5165+4335+1342=15984. This is 432x37. The sum of this multiplication is: 432+37=469, an anagram of 496. To make visible how 496 further is connected with the third day, we have to count the digits of the divisors of 496. The sum is:


The sum of the verse numbers of the third day, Gen.1:9-13, is: 9+10+11+12+13=55. I remind you that 496 is the third perfect number. And there are also 55 aleph's from the start of the bible, the first letter of the alphabet that represents God in the text. There are 3 triangles of 55 units needed together with 496 to form the Star of David with 661 units: 496+(3x55)=496+165=661.


If we go to letter 661 then it happens to be the last letter of word 172 (2x86) 'for signs' in Gen.1:14. The sum of the letter places of this word is 658+659+660+661=2638. This a digit anagram of 2368, Jesus Christ. The birth date of Jesus is the starting point of our calendar and in this way he is a sign for seasons, days and years. We can also find between letter 496 and letter 661 the Jesus-code with ELS 22, of which the sum of the letter places is: 625+603+581+559=2368.

The distance from 496 up to and including 559, the last letter of the code, is 64. And the distance from the first letter of the code 625 up to and including 661 is 37. These are the factors 64 and 37 of Jesus Christ, , 888+1480=2368=64x37. The Jesus-code seems to be located in this special way with its own factors between the third perfect number and the Star of David that can be formed with this perfect number. Letter 496 is the shien, , and letter 661 is the tav,

Together these two letters form the word 'Seth', . Seth is the third son of Adam. Now is the Jesus code written though the words: in the firmament-third-good-seed. By way of the third son (=seed) the line of generations leads to Jesus Christ according to the bible story. For more information see chapter 12. Jesus ELS 22. Word 172 (2x86) 'for signs' has a relation with the phrase 'sign of a covenant', , (400+10+200+2)+(400+6+1)=612+407=1019 (Gen.9:13). The 172nd prime is 1019.

The kingdom in Hebrew is: 400+6+20+30+40=496. The foundation of the kingdom that God will establish is already laid here. And the code is telling who the king in that kingdom will be.

We see here that the divisors of the perfect number 496 play a roll in dividing letters, words and verses in the bible text.


The Kingdom:

Joshua 12 also seems to have a relation with the Perfect Number 496. In this chapter 31 kings become described that are defeated by the sons of Israel, to make place for the nation of Israel.

The chapter has: 963 letters, 248 words and 24 verses.

248 is the 9th divisor of 496. We know that 496 the 31st triangular number is. The bible writer has used this fact in the last verse of Joshua 12:24. The king of Tirzah, one; all the kings being thirty and one. Book Joshua is the 6th book of the bible; the 6th divisor of 496 is 31. And the 6th composite is 12. As you know the 12th prime is 31.

Divisors of the Perfect number 496
 9 divisors   1   2   3   4   5   6  7   8   9 
 divisors of 496    1     2     4     8    16   31   62   124   248 

factors of 496: 1x(2x2x2x2)x31

Joshua 12:24  

The king of Tirzah, one; all the kings being thirty and one.

The words 'thirty and one', : , are the last words of the chapter. The last letter, letter 963, is the daleth, , of the word echad, , one. This appears to be the 62nd daleth of the chapter. The daleth has the number value, 4 so: 62x4=248. This is the word place of the word echad, one, the last word of the chapter. In the verse Jozua 12:24 this daleth is the last letter of the 7th word and at the same time the 26th letter of the verse. We see here a reversal of 62 in 26, and besides that is 62 is the 7th divisor of 496! 

Also the number of letters of the chapter (963) is coded in the words : , thirty and one, 31. These two words have 9 letters. The 6th letter, the vav, with the number value 6, is a prefix and becomes translated as and. The 6th divisor of 496 is 31. If we take out this prefix the words are: , thirty one. The number values of these words are respectively 13 and 680, together 13+680=693. This is a digit anagram of 963. We see that the 6 and the 9 have changed places. When we count the word numbers in the chapter we find 247+248=495. Here is missing one to make 496 complete. On the other hand the factors of 495 are: 1x(3x3)x5x11. The sum of these factors is: 1+9+5+11=26, the letter place of the last letter in the verse, the daleth. But if we see (3x3) not as a unit and count the individual digits, then the sum is: 1+3+3+5+11=23, the letter place of the vav in the verse, that we have taken out. Also now play the 9 (=3x3) and the 6 (=3+3) a roll. The 6th divisor of 496 is 31 and the 9th divisor is 248. All these number take part in coding the words thirty and one.

Now that these words and numbers have our attention, we can look further. Now we look at the numbers of letters, words and verses of the Book Joshua. From the beginning of the book till Joshua 12:24 there are:

20007 letters, 5115 words and 303 verses

So word 5115 is the last word of Joshua 12:1-24: , meaning one. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the aleph, has the number value one, 1. The first letter of the word echad is the aleph, . This aleph is the 1551st aleph of the book Joshua. Word number 5115 of the word echad and aleph number 1551 are both palindromes. The fives and ones have changed places. There also seems to be a relation between the first and the last letter of the word echad. The daleth, the last letter is letter 20007 in the book Joshua. 20007 in factors is: 1x(3x3x3x3)x13x19. The sum of these factors is: 1+81+13+19=114. When we look now in the table of palindromes we see that the 114th palindrome is 1551. The number 1551in factors is: 1x3x11x47, the sum is: 1+3+11+47=62. This is the 7th divisor of 496. This 1551 aleph of book Joshua can be found at the 7the place in the word thirty and one, : . And in chapter Joshua 12 it is the 961st letter which is: 31x31. The sum is 31+31=62, the seventh divisor of 496 again.  Besides that is the 114th composite 150. The 150th palindrome is 5115!!!

  114th composite is 150       
     114th palindrome is 1551   1551st of Joshua 12  1551=1x3x11x47, sum 1+3+11+47=62 
   150th palindrome is 5115   5115th word ()  of Joshua 12   62nd in Joshua 12, 26th letter in Joshua 12:24 
     Last letter is , letter 20007 of Joshua 12   20007=1x(3x3x3x3)x13x19 
 -----------------------  -------------------------  -----------------------------------------

---------------------- Sum: 1+81+13+19=114 

The factors of 5115 are: 1x3x5x11x31. The sum is 1+3+5+11+31=51. But we were talking about the word(s) thirty one. 31 is one of the factors of 5115. In fact 5115 is (1x3x5x11)x31=165x31. The 165th palindrome is 6666, which is 1551+5115. Everything is there, but changed a bit.  Maybe my explanation is here not quit correct, but I think it's very close. It's all about changes that God is going to make. And I remind you that 165 is 3x55, three times the triangle of 10 that are added to the triangle of 31 to make the Star of David with 661 units.


661 reversed is 166. When we 'telescope' 166 and 661 we find 1661. The last letter of the word thirty, , is the mem, . This is the 1661st mem of the book Joshua. It is the central letter in the word thirty and one. God seems to confirm this, for this mem is the 86th mem and also the last mem of the chapter. An other explanation is that this mem is the 5th (and central) letter of the word thirty (and one). The 5th (and central) divisor of 496 (T31) is 16, reversed 61 and 'married' is 1661, the mem number in the book. The sum of the letter places of the word(s) thirty and one in chapter Joshua 12 you can find in the following table:


thirty and one

  In Joshua 12:24

 Letter places in book


 Letter places in chapter 


 Letter places in verse


 Letter places in word(s)

9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1


This mem is letter 20003 of the book Joshua. This letter seems also to have a relation with the hee, , the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, for this is the 2003rd hee in the book Joshua. 2003 is the 305th prime and 305 is 5x61. This 61 is added to the 5th divisor of 496, being 16, to make up 1661 for the mem number on the 5th place in the word thirty and one in the book Joshua. And there is more to say about this hee in Joshua 12:24. It is the 944 letter in the chapter. The factors of 944 are: 1x(2x2x2x2)x59. The sum of the factors is: 1+16+59=76. This hee appears to be the 76th hee of chapter Joshua 12!!! The 76th composite is 104, and the 104th palindrome is 959, the letter place of the mem in this chapter of the book Joshua. 104 in factors is: 1x(2x2x2)x13. The sum is: 1+8+13=22, the letter place of the mem in the verse. 959 and 22 are connected in this way and the hee in the verse, the 5 is telling how. So there is more than one possible relation between the mem and the hee in this chapter of the book Joshua.

  is letter 944 in Joshua 12     
 944=1x(2x2x2x2)x59, sum 1+16+59=76   76th composite is 104   
  in Joshua 12:24 is the 76th in the chapter   104th palindrome is 959   is letter 959 in chapter Joshua 12 
   104=1x(2x2x2)x13, sum 1+8+13=22    is letter 22 in verse Joshua 12:24
      is 5, the is the 5th letter in the word: thirty and one 
 2003rd   in book Joshua............................. ...........................................................   is letter 20003 in book Joshua

Maybe the last letter of Joshua 12:24 is telling us even more. It is the daleth and the 324812th letter of the bible. The factors of 324812 are: 1x(2x2)x81203. The sum of these factors is: 1+4+81203=81208. The daleth has the number value 4 and in 81208 we find on the fourth place a zero. When we remove this 0, we find the number 8128, which is the 4th Perfect Number!!! This number is stitched to the ninth divisor 248 of the 3rd perfect number, for the word echad, , is word 248 of Joshua 12 and the daleth is letter 3.248.12 of the bible.


I think that this is only the top of the iceberg of the hidden structures. There will come other researchers with more insight, being able to explain the meaning of these structures. Like always: this analysis of the perfect number 496 in relation to the bible is far from complete. But I hope that I could bring some light. Here are some more observations in relation to the perfect number 496, but they make the structure not more clear yet, but they might be interesting for other researchers.

Tablets of stone, , 58+438=496 (Ex.24:12)

Is made perfect, , 661 (2Cor.12:9)

For God took him,





, 86+407+138+30=661


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