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17. Three-Seven, 3/7.


We have seen that Gen.1:1 has the number value 2701, which 37x73 is. Both numbers are a combination of the 3 and the 7. The bible writer has coded these numbers with Equidistance Letter Sequence (ELS) in Gen.1:1. The word ‘three’, , can be found with an interval of seven letters in the first verse, confirming the code 37x73. So we can find always more ‘witnesses’ that confirm a code.

All these codes stimulate me to look further. In this case I looked for other mathematical combinations of the 3 and the 7. The most simple possibilities are: the sum, the multiplication and the division:




The division makes an endless repeating number: 428571. With this number I will go to the bible text. Letter 428571 is the tenth (3+7=10) jod () in 1Sam.26:21.


Now is this 10th jod the 71st letter in the verse. 71 is the 21st prime. A prime expresses the  ‘truth’ of a number, so 71 is the truth of  21(or 3x7) So letter 428571 becomes pinpointed in the text of 1Sam.26:21.


I will first look at the 10 jods. If we count the letter places in the verse of those 10 jods, than that has a remarkable result:


I suppose it is well known that 386 is the number value of Jeshua/Jesus/deliverer. But before I go on with that I will show some more things concerning the letter places of this sequence of these 10 jods. The sum of all the individual digits of the numbers of the sequence is a kind of triangular count of which the outcome is equal to the last number 71:


The primes in the sequence are the first and the last number: 2 and 71, together 73:


And in the sequence of ten there are three numbers that can be divided by 7, so there are seven that are not divisible by seven:

2+14+20+25+42+49+52+54+57+71=105(=15x7 of 1x3x5x7)(105=Triangle14)

7       -        3

In the sequence there are also three numbers that can be divided by 3; so there are seven numbers that are not divisible by three:


7       -        3

So there are three letter places divisible by 3 and also three letter places divisible by 7. The sum of those letter places is:


258 in factors is: 1x2x3x43 or 3x86, which we can assoiate with 386, the sum of the 10 letter places.

But let us return to the sum of the ten jods. Because this sum is 386, I searched from this tenth jod , or letter 428571, for an ELS code of Jesus/deliverer: . We can find one with the smallest ELS of 6832. This is a digit anagram of 2368, the number value of the Greeks ‘Jesus Christ’: . And of course I ask myself why an anagram, why not simply an ELS of 2368? It's not simple to give an answer without speculating. Besides that occurs Jesus with ELS 6832 in the Tenach 65 times. I haven't analyzed them all, but concentrated on this code with the special start letter 428571(3/7).

Letter 428571 is the 46051st jod in the bible. This number is a prime and can't be divided in factors therefore. 46051 is the 4766th  prime. This number can be divided in factors: 4766=1x2x2383 1+2+2383=2386. This number is a digit anagram of 2368 too, Jesus Christ. This digit anagram mirrors itself in the  ELS 6832: 6832 – 2386. This number 2386 is a very special anagram. It is namely the sum of Eve2+Adam2, 2+ 2 =192+452= 361+2025=2386. A square expresses the coming till completion of a number. So Eve in her completion plus Adam in his completion expresses man in its completion. It are Adam and Eve who were disobedient to God, who failed in the sight of God. It is possible that the human failing of Saul becomes expressed in this way. Although Saul makes a confession of his betrayal against David and seems to repent, in the continuation of the story it is evident that this comes not out of his hart. With Saul it ends up very bad. Possibly that is the reason why the word Jesus/deliverer is coded with the digit anagram 6832 (ELS) and the first letter of the code, the jod, a versatile 2386.

If we except these codes in 1Sam.26:21, especially  the division of the 10 jods, than fixes letter 428571 the number  of letters until that letter. That indicates that the number of letters of the Torah, Joshua, Judges until 1Sam.26:21 is still intact. Hereby the original Hebrew canon of the scriptures is followed. Some translations place the book 'Ruth' between Judges and 1Sam. However this is not correct. The original Jewish canon doesn't do that. It is important to identify this fact, because otherwise it is not possible to accept codes that pass over several books.

With the gematria of 1Sam.26:21 is something peculiar going on. The number value of the verse is 5329, which 73x73 is. With the number 5329 can be drawn a beautiful mathematical image based on the Star of David. The basic image is the triangle of 73=2701, the number value of Gen.1:1. With this triangle we make a Star of David with 3601 units. On each corner we place a Star of David with 337 units. This is the number value of the phrase: ‘God said’: , 86+251=337. But 337 is also the number value of the name Saul: , 30+6+1+300=337. Curiously God does not speak with Saul:


1Sam.28:6 He inquired of the LORD, but the LORD did not answer him by dreams or Urim or prophets. 

The star 337 has the triangle of 22 as starting point. This is striking for the 22nd prime is 73 and is in this way related with the central Star that has the triangle of 73 as starting point. On the place where these Stars of David are connected (7x7=49 units are communal) we can find a Star of David with 73 units.

We can  calculate the number of units of the image  as follows:




Relation between Gen.1:1 and 1Sam.26:21










code 3 and 7

‘three’ ELS 7






***An other phenomenon we can find in the names of the generations. The third generation beginning at Adam is Enosh, son of Seth (Gen.5:6). The name Enosh, , means 'mortal' and has the number value 357. The seventh generation is Hanoch (5:18), and his name means 'walks with God'. The number value of his name is 84. So generation 3 + generation 7, is Enosh+Hanoch, the mortal one who walks with God, 357+84=441, de CV of ameth, , truth, or 32x72. It is the truth that makes us walking with God. And there is an other interesting aspect related to both names. If we take for the digits of 357 (Enosh) the CV's of the word numbers of Gen.1:1, we find: word 3+word 5+word 7, God+the Heaven+the Earth, ++, 86+395+296=777. Three sevens or 3x7x37. For Hanoch, 84, we find: word 4+word 8, 'eth'+and the earth, +, 401+302=703. An other combination of 3 and 7. Together they are 777+703=1480, equal to the CV of Christ, . This is again a 'fingerprint' of Jesus. The number of letters of the words 3-5-7 en 8-4 is:


14+7=21 of 3x7

sum of the word numbers:







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