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16. The prime jump.

In one of the former chapters I mentioned already the prime jump. I showed that God appears as Elohim on the tenth letter of the bible and with the prime jump the number value of 112 from Yahweh Elohim (26+86=112) can be found:

10 prime 10=23 prime 23=79


Something similar can be found in Gen.1:4 too. The word 'the light', , begins here on the 12th letter of the verse and is the 31st word of Genesis. Proceeding  the 'nota objectie', eth, , that belongs to the word light, begins on letter 113 of Genesis and the gematria of both words together is 212+401=613.

Gen.1:4: And God saw that the light was good. And God divided the light from the darkness.

= *-the light

letter 12 in Gen.1:4

word 31 in Genesis

letter 113 in Genesis

the light: gematria 613

Prime 12=31P31=113 P113= 613

So we see that by the first letter of the noun 'the light' the 12, the 31, the 113 and the 613 are reached (see the prime table). According to the Jewish tradition the Torah contains 613 commandments which regulate all aspects of Jewish life. De Torah is the book with which God starts His Word, the Word that must bring light in the world. These commandments help us to get insight in good and evil. And we can find them  'in the Torah', , 5+200+6+400+2=613 (see also http://www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_613.asp or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/613_mitzvot). These will help to bring the light into the world.  On letter 113 begins the light here. The word , ordinance (Num.9:14), has the number value 113. Besides that is 113 also the number value of the word: , forgiveness. With that starts the light. So we see here that God brings the law and the forgiveness together in the light. The noun 'the light' begins on letter 12  in verse 4, the 4th word and is related to the 12th Elohim that appears in the bible text  (Gen.1:10, word 10); this happens to be word 113 (P12=31, and P 31=113) The hee of 'the light' is the 16th hee in the bible and the hee of the 12th Elohim, , is the 47th hee. So the number of hee's between the light and the 12th Elohim is: 47-16=31x the hee. So here appears the 12th prime 31 by means of 31 hee's to be woven in the text. Besides that the 16th prime is 47 (P16=47) (Possibly the third perfect number 496 plays a roll too. 496=16x31, the sum of these factors is 16+31=47). And this hee in the 12th Elohim is letter 439 of the bible and 439 is the 86th prime (P86=439). This can be an indication that God is strongly related with the twelve. The bible story points this out too. The text appears to be full with all kind of prime jumps. And possibly there is also a triangular connection between word 31 and 113, because 'the light' is the 4th word in the 4th verse and the 12th Elohim is the 10th word in the 10th verse. The triangular sum of 4 happens to bee 10  (1+2+3+4=10). There can be found more mathematical relations. But what is the purpose of all this? I think it are the 'guy-ropes' of the 'tent' of  God. The bible emphasizes that not one jota or tittle may be changed. Nothing may be added or left out (Revelation 22:18-19) These are the elements with which the letters in the bible text are embodied. And realize that my insight is very limited and that there are probably various other possibilities.

I see Gen.1:1 as a kind of genetic code from whereof the bible unfolds itself. This verse has 7 words and 28 letters. The prime jump brings us by way of 7 and 13 to 37, one of the factors of the first verse (37x73). Here I will look to the prime jump of 28 (and as you probably know: 28 is the triangular number of 7):

28P28=103P103= 557

Primes jump and the number of letters of the first chapter





number of letters Gen.1:1-31




This is an adding to chapter 11, where I have shown how the structure of the first chapter of the bible is. We can realize that 28, the number of letters of the first verse, is the triangle of 7. A kind of co-operation act of the 3 and the 7. The whole first chapter has 1671 letters, which 3x557 is. The word 'first' is in Hebrew: , (Ex.12:2) 50+6+300+1+200=557.

The sum of the numbers of the prime jump of 28 is:


This happens to be the number value of the name 'Jesus' like it appears for the first time in the New Testament. The manner of writing of 'Jesus Christ' in Math.1:1 is: , 688+1680=2368. Most of the time the manner of writing is: , 888+1480=2368 (Math.1:16) This difference has a grammatical origin. So we keep in mind the number value 688 for the name Jesus. But now I want to approach this prime jump in an other way. We can see this jump also as an upgrade from letter to word, and from word to verse:










When we look for verse number 557 than appears that to be Gen.22:9. From there we count 103 words. These 103 words span exact 6 verses: Gen.22:9-14. Of course these 103 words can not be spanned by 28 letters; these 6 verses contain 386 letters, which is the number value of , Jesus. The text of these 6 verses is about the offering of Isaac by Abraham and forms a whole. It is a forgoing reflection of the sacrifice of Christ. In the forgoing verse (Gen.22:8) Abraham says that God will provide himself a lamb for the sacrifice:

The lamb, , is the central word in that verse, that's to say 'the lamb' is the middle word in the verse. The verse has 11 words and the lamb is word 6 (Prime 6=11) Moreover the word is on the central letter places: the verse has 45 letters and the lamb we find on letter 22, 23 and 24. In chapter 22 this are the letters 495, 496 and 497, sum 1488 or 3x496. Three times the third perfect number. A very perfect lamb! In verse eight the sum of the letter places of the lamb is: 22+23+24=69. The sum of the 6 verse numbers in chapter 22 is also 69 for 9+10+11+12+13+14=69. Because these 6 verses contain 386 letters, hides or reveals the bible text here that Jesus will be the sacrificial lamb. We also can realize that the 69th prime is 337, the number value of God said, , 86+251=337. The sum of the 6 verse numbers in the bible is: 557+558+559+560+561+562=3357. In factors is that: 9x373 or 9x , logos, Word. I think the bible writer is very clear about what he is trying to tell.

In the forgoing chapters I pointed out that the mem has a relationship with Christ. In these 6 verses with 386 letters we can find 37 mems. Since the mem has the number value 40, we find here again: 37x40=1480=, Christ. Here we find a balanced division between the two shapes of the mem: 19 normal and 18 sophit mems. This division becomes visible when we place the mems in a Star of David with 37 units:

When we look for the value of the mem and the mem sophit than we find: (19x40)+(18x600)=760+10800=11560. Word 11560 we find in Gen.30:39 word 6: , sheep, flock. So are the ones called who listen to the Word of God. The ram, , is the leader of the flock. This ram symbolizes Jesus who becomes scarified for his 'flock'. This ram is caught in a thicket or thorn bush by his horns; so gets Jesus also his crown of thorns (Joh.19:5). In Gen.22:13 the word 'ram' is used 2 times. The first time as and the second time together with the 'nota objectie' eth: . The sum of the letter places in the verse of these three words is:


78   +   117   +   246   = 441

The reader will recognize the number 441 as the number of 'truth', , of which Jesus says that He that is. In the group of 6 verses is the 86th word, the number of Elohim, God. In this way God tells that He Himself will provide a sacrificial lamb, the sacrificial lamb that gets shape in the life of Christ. In this bible story Isaac figures as sacrificial lamb: =100+8+90+10=208 (=8x26) The number value 208 appears to be the sum of the fourfold prime jump of  7: 7+13+37+151=208.













Triangle 7=28 

Prime 28=103, P103=557





Prime 7=13, P13=37, P37=151




The triangle of 7 is 28. In factors is that 4x7. The triangular counting of the 4 primes of the prime jump of 7 is 208. With this 208 seems to be a kind of upgrade of 28. The word Isaac begins on the 64th letter of this verse group. The 4th prime of this prime jump that adds up to 208 is 151 and 4x151=604. This seems to be an upgrade of 64. By the way the text in Gen.22:9 where Isaac is laid on the altar, has exact 28 letters:


If we take these 28 letters out of the 386 letters, after all Isaac is not sacrificed, there are left 386-28=358 letters. 358 is the gematria of the word 'messiah', ,8+10+300+40=358. If it was Ishmael who was laid on the altar by Abraham for a sacrifice, like the Islamic tradition wants, although the name Ishmael is not used in this Koran text, than this system like I described, would collapse. The name Ishmael, , has two letters more than Isaac, . The text would have than 388 letters instead of 386. Besides that there would have been one more mem in the text and we would have found for the mem, that represents Christ, 38x40=1520 instead of 37x40=1480, . So there would be one mem to much. Until this day these mathematical aspects of the bible text were unknown and become now revealed after more than 3000 years. When we get more insight in these mathematical elements of the text we can check if texts are twisted or falsified. And I fear that the Koran writer has twisted a number of biblical facts. Moses has written the Torah about 450 years after Abraham; the Koran writer did write the Koran about 2000 years after that.

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