15. Elohim, ELS 26.



Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.

Jesus Christ is called the Word of God. He is the ‘water’ and ‘bread’ we get to eat and drink. The Greek word for ‘Word’ is logos: λογος. The number value of this word is 30+70+3+70+200=373. This is the 75th prime. Word 75 of the bible is hamajim, the water (Gen.1:7) And word 373 is the 31st Elohim, Gen.1:29. We have seen in the chapter before that the mem is related to the water. Prime 75 is in factors: 3x5x5. The digits of these factors can be joined together in the following way: 355 (word 355 is the 30th Elohim, Gen.1:28). When we go to the bible text we will find out that the 355th letter of the bible is the last letter of the tenth time the word Elohim appears in the text (Gen.1:9) It happens to be the last letter of a Elohim-code with ELS 26 too. It also happens to be the 37th mem of the bible text. Since the mem has the value of 40, 37 mems are 37x40=1480, which is the number value of the word ‘Christ’: Xριστος=60+100+10+200+300+70+200=1480. So in a over view:

logos=Word=373prime 75factors of 75= 3x5x5355letter 35537th mem37x40=1480Christ

But there is more going on. I'll show you. The 37 mems can be divided in 15 normal mems and 22 sofhit mems: .


When we look at matrix 26 and search for the coordinates 22 and 15 then we find letter 386. This is the number value of the word ‘Jesus’ or ‘Savior’. It is the last letter of the word: , and let appear (the dry land, Gen.1:9) This might be an announcement from God, or a window to show us that a Savior will appear. Note: the numbers 22 and 15 are related to the sum nPP's of the sum 86 and 26 in the Perfect Prime Table.

The normal mem has the value 40 and the mem sofhit has the value 600. So we find the number value for the 37 mems:

15x 22x
15x 40=600 22x 600=13200


When we go to the bible text we will find out that word 13800 is the word: lechem, bread (Gen.35:19). The word is used together with the word ‘beth’, which means house. The House of the Bread: Bethlehem; God reveals here the birth place of Christ. From there comes our spiritual bread. The beloved one of Jacob (Israel) is buried here and the beloved one of God is born here. The word Bethlehem is used only two times in the Torah; this one is the first appearance. The Torah has 79977 words; so you can calculate how coincidental this is.....The water letter, the mem, the last letter of the bread is letter 51781 and is also the last letter of the verse . The factors of this letter number are 1x53x977. The sum of these factors is: 1+53+977=1031. This happens to be also the verse number of Gen.35:19. The last letter of this verse seems to pinpoint the verse number.

But let us go on with matrix 26. I took out the most important data; the image below is showing them. The ten word numbers of the word Elohim add up till 441, the number value of the word ameth, truth. 


The 10th Elohim starts on letter 351, which is the triangle of 26, of Jahwe, the name of God. And this 10th word Elohim is ending on letter 355 (The 355sth composite number appears to be 441) The 'truth' of those 10x Elohim can also be expressed by the word numbers that are prime. The sum of these word numbers is:


And as you probably know the division of 355 and 113 makes the number of Pi, seven digits correct: 355/113=3.141592920.... The 10th Elohim begins with the 33rd aleph. Because the aleph is a representation of God we go to the 33rd Elohim; that happens to be word 441 (Gen.2:2 word 2). The text is telling there: And on the seventh day God ended his work......Probably there is not a more accurate number for Pi in the bible than this one with seven digits correct.

Elohim seems to claim all the word numbers that play a roll in this Pi calculation: 54 and 92 from Pi Gen.1:1=3.141554 and Pi exact (or 355/113)=3.141592. And word 113 and 355 from the division 355/113. And word 441 seals the truth. This is the 33rd Elohim (in the 33rd verse). 33 is also the life span of Jesus and He claims to be the truth (John 14:6).

I think that is clear now that the bible text is composed in a very special way. Mathematical calculations are used to show us what Gods plans are.

The Elohim-code in matrix 26 starts on letter 251. This is the 'truth' of 55, for prime 55 is 251. Fifty five itself is the triangular number of 10. The Elohim-code starts on letter 251 and ends at the end of the 10th Elohim on letter 355. This is the 37th mem, being 37x40=1480, number value of Christ. In the prime table of the Perfect Primes the first ten Perfect Primes add up together with their appointers till 441. When we separate the 10 nPP that add up till 55 from the 441, we find 441-55=386 of , Jesus. The 37 mems are divided in 15 normal mems and 22 sofhit mems. I showed that this are the coordinates of letter 386.

4 nPP add up till 22 and 5 nPP add up till 15. Realize that there are 4x5=20 numbers in the Perfect Prime Table that add up till 386. And 22+15=3737th mem is letter 355355+86=441. (86 is Elohim-code).

John 14:6: Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth (441) and the life. No one comes to the Father (86) except through me (355).

Jesus is also called the Nazarene (=355) in the bible:

John 19:19: And Pilate wrote a title, and put [it] on the cross. And the writing was: JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS. In the Hebrew version this is written as:


9 letters

38 letters

 80       90       355      386

433      386    18      127    100    413     178      339      422     195



The part of the text 'And Pilate wrote a title, and put [it] on the cross. And the writing was': has the number value 2611, which is: 7x373, 7x logos, λογος, Word.  This text has 38 letters or 2x19 and seems to have a relation with the verse number (John 19:19). Prime 38 is 157, and prime 157 is 911. This is the number value of the last part of the text: JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS, : 80+90+355+386=911. Pilate calls Jesus the Nazarene. Jesus the Nazarene has the number value: 386+355=741. This happens to be the triangular number of 38. Jesus came out of Nazareth (Matth.2:23) The word the Nazarene, , has the number value: 10+200+90+50+5=355. This number equals the letter place of the code letter mem. In the beginning of this chapter I showed the connection between 373 and 355 (.....355.....3-5-5.....3x5x5=75.....prime 75=373) Joh.19:19 appears to be the 3700th verse of the New Testament. The Greek version of Jesus the Nazarene is: ιησους o ναζωραιος, 888+70+1239=2197=13x13x13. Unity in three dimensions: one==13.

It's all rather complex. Please take your time to understand all the data.

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