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13. Jesus, ELS 86.

  God and His Name.

The two most important names that are used in the bible for God are: ‘Elohim’ and ‘Yahweh’. Hereby is Yahweh the name of God and Elohim is in fact the generic name. Elohim is actually a plural form which in Hebrew is expressed with ‘im’. ‘El’ is the singular form of the word God. Probably is the Islamic ‘Allah’ also derived from this El. But this aside. The name of God, Yahweh, becomes usually translated with ‘Lord’. On this moment I look to the two most important denominations that are used in the bible text:

God= Elohim= =40+10+5+30+1=86

Lord= Yahweh= =5+6+5+10=26

So the number value of the word Elohim is 86 and the number value of Yahweh is 26. With 86 we make a matrix of the bible text with 86 letters on a row, without spars; and than we look for the cross point of the horizontal and the vertical coordinates 26, the number value of the name of God:


The letter that we find there is the jod: . This appears to be the first letter of a coding. On this special place we find the first letter of the word: Jesus/salvation. With an interval of 86 letters the word becomes formed from coordinate H(orizontal) 26 and V(ertical) 26. The first letter can be found in Gen.2:10 and the last in Gen.2:17. The distance of the first till the last letter is: (3x86)+1=259, which 7x37 is. Moreover this holds for all 4 letter words with ELS 86.  The number value 259 is also the value of the name of Adoni-Zedek, Lord of Justice (Joshua 10:1).

I don't know if the code word here already has to be translated with ‘Jesus’ or that it is a hidden announcement that the redeemer is bound to come. The word  Jesus, ‘Jeshua’ means literally translated: salvation or God will save . The reader has to interpret that him/her self. Personally it seems to me a very exaggerated coincidence that this Jesus-code with ELS 86 appears on this special place and I don't think that this is a coincident. Nevertheless we have to be very careful with this phenomenon, for the word ‘Jeshua’ with ELS 86 occurs 3x in Genesis, 8x in the Torah en 54x in the Tenach (O.T.) Therefore we have to look further if we can find more connections.

The jod, the first letter of the code, is the  296th jod in the bible. 296 is the number value of ‘the earth’, , 90+200+1+5=296. The Greek name of Jesus is:

Jesus= =10+8+200+70+200=888 or 3x296.

If we count the value of the 296 jods (number value 10) we find 2960. This  appears to be the value of the phrase ‘Son of man’, a title of Jesus used in the New Testament (Mar. 2:10):

Son of man





This part of the code tells us that Jesus as Son of man is related with this earth. The phrase ‘from the earth’, , 296+90=386 (Gen.2:6), has the same number value as Jesus: = 70+6+300+10=386.

Jesus ELS 86

=letter 2176

It is God who appoints where the code in the text appears. God, Elohim, is 86. I have already shown in chapter 4 that Yahweh appears on letter 1849 for the first time in the bible. 1849 is derived from 86 for: 86=2x43 or 43+43.....43x43=1849. The Jesus-code with ELS 86 starts on letter 2176, which happens to be the 1849th composite!

Also the begin letter, 2076, the jod of the nearby Yahweh-code (H12, V25) with ELS 86 can be explained in a mathematical way:

=letter 2076

The number value of the Gods name Yahweh is 26. When we multiply this number with the ELS number 86 we find: 26x86=2236. When we look for all dividers of 2236 the number itself excluded, we find: 1, 2, 4, 13, 26, 43, 52, 86, 172, 559 and 1118. The sum of these numbers is:


This number happens to be the begin letter of the Yahweh-code with ELS 86. But we should realize that there are 63 Yahweh-codes with ELS 86 in the Torah, however this is the first one that appears in the bible.

The first letter of the Jesus-code is letter 2176. Because Jesus also is called the ‘Word’ of God (Revelation 19:13) I have made the letter- word jump, which is to say I searched for the word 2176 in the bible text. This appears to be the word arbajim, , ‘forty’ (Gen.7:4). Forty is the number value of the mem, the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, that symbolizes the water. It's the water of life that Jesus gives us to drink. In one of the next chapters I'll write about that. It's the second time the word ‘forty’ occurs in de bible text and starts on letter 8125 (Gen.7:4). The first time that the word ‘forty’ in the text occurs is word 1590, starting on letter 5949 (Gen.5:13). The letter distance between both words is:

2nd word   1st word

8125-5949= 2176 letters


This is again a very exaggerated coincident. Besides letter number 2176 and word number 2176, we have now also the letter distance 2176. Therefore I have measured also the distance from the Jesus-code till the 1st word forty and till the 2nd word forty. The letter distance of the code till the first ‘forty’ (word 1590) is:

1st word Jesus code 


Although 3773 is a striking number, it will not directly be clear for the reader what the properties of this number are. Of course we recognize the factors 37 and 73. Multiplied with each other they make the value 2701 of Gen.1:1. This number 2701 of Creation can be mirrored: 2701 mirrored is 1072. The sum of these two numbers is:


So we see appear the original factor 37 and 73 again, that's to say they appear in a different mutual relation. These are the only two numbers with which this mathematical phenomenon is possible. This is probably one of the many reasons why the number value of the first bible verse 2701 is.

The letter distance of the Jesus-code till the second ‘forty’ (word 2176) is:

2nd word Jesus code


The distance of the Jesus-code till the second ‘forty’ is 5949 and this is of course exact the letter number on which the first word forty starts, for 2176+3773=5949.

So seems the Jesus-code together with the two words ‘forty’ to be coded with an internal coherence in the bible text. There are more indications for, but therefore we have to go back to the matrix 86. In the near surroundings of the Jesus-code  we find also a ‘Yahweh’ and a ‘Elohim-code’ with ELS 86. The first letter of the Yahweh-code has the coordinates H12 and V25, together 37. And the first letter of the Elohim-code has the coordinates H38 and V35, together 73. So bear the coordinates of the first letters of the Yahweh and the Elohim-code the marks of  Gen.1:1, for the gematria of that verse is 37x73. With this both codes seem to take position on remarkable places. With these two codes we make a cutout out of the matrix of 86 letters on a row. In the right upper corner we find the first letter of the Yahweh-code and in the left corner underneath we find the last letter of the Elohim-code. The cutout shows us some things that attract our attention. We have seen that the first letter of the Jesus-code, letter 2176, brings us with the letter-word jump to the word arbaijm, , forty (Gen.7:4). Now appears  the 40th time of the word Elohim of the bible text to stand exact above the Jesus-code . This can be a coincident, but the last Elohim in this matrix happens to be the 52nd Elohim of the bible. And 52 is 2x26 or 26+26, the sum of the coordinates of the Jesus-code. And above that is the gematria in ‘n’ of Elohim: 24+10+5+12+1=52. With an other gematria method you can find an other combination of the double 26 with the word ‘Elohim’. The method is called Haperati and works with the square of the letter values of the normal gematria: =402+102+52+302+12=2626. This expresses the coming to completion of every single letter of the essence of God. There we find the redeemer, the redeemer who knows the name of God and reflects the essence of Him. The coordinates of the first and the last letter of this matrix seem to point out to the forty. The coordinates of the first letter of the Yahweh-code in the right upper corner are 12 and 25, together 37. And the coordinates of the last letter of the Elohim-code, the mem in the left corner beneath, are 38 en 39, together 77. The distance between 37 and 77 is 40. This mem,  , is also the last letter of the vertical Elohim-code with ELS 86. We can find this mem in Gen.3:8 the 6th word. Or  written in a different way: Gen.3:8:6 386, savior or Jesus, : 70+6+300+10=386. This mem appears to be the 40th mem of Gen.3. In verse Gen.3:8 it is the 21st letter or 3x7 (21 is triangle of 6, the word number in the verse)

The sum of the coordinates of the starting letter of the Jesus-code is: 26+26=52. The ‘truth’ of 52 becomes expressed by the 52nd prime: 233. This is the number value of the ‘Tree of Life’, ets hachajim:


Jesus is this ‘Tree of Life’. Letter 233 appears to be the 40th jod of the bible.


From this 40th jod, letter 233, we can find a Jesus-code with the smallest ELS 2635. This code ends in the word.......... arbajim, forty (Gen.7:4) This seems to me again a very exaggerated coincident. This is the third time the word ‘forty’ appears in the bible text. That Jesus has a specific relation with the forty, becomes confirmed by Math.4:2, Markus 1:13, Luke 4:2 and Acts 1:3. Jesus fulfills all the time, the whole forty. This is the sign of the Holy One. The forty jods are together: 40x10=400. The tav, , has the number value 400, and the meaning of sign or cross. One of the Greek words for the Holy One is: (Acts 2:27) and has the number value 70+200+10+70+50=400.

Math.4:1-2: 1.Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. 2.After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.

This in contrast with a part of the Israelites who had to wait for Moses when he got the commandments from God on the mountain Horeb (Deut.9:9) When they became impatient, lost their faith and clutched at the visible world, they made the Golden Calf just on the 39/40th day.


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