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10. The Speaking of God and the Hebrew alphabet with 22 letters.



In general is accepted the alphabet originates from sounds. Moreover in the Hebrew langue this is possibly different. Here the speaking originates from the alphabet. Although the alphabet arises out of 27 letters, after replacing the 5 finals, the alphabet is ready with 22 letters. Gen.1:3 indicates that. This verse starts with the 22nd word of Genesis. With the 22nd word speaking begins:


        Word          27    26    25   24         23         22

        Gen.1:3: : And God said let there be light and there was light.


If God speaks, His words become reality. Word and Act are one with God. The thought proceeds the word. In fact with God thought, word and act are one. This is the essence of truth. Here is no difference between thinking, speaking and acting. The speaking of God comes to us by the bible, by the Hebrew text and also by the Hebrew alphabet. The word that goes out from God, can be expressed by the triangle of  22. This triangle has 253 units:


T22 has 253 units. The Word that emanates from God.

To the number 253 are awarded different meanings. Various meanings seem to point in the same direction: womb (רחמה), un born (נברא), to be guiltless (נצטדק). You might say one can see the alphabet as the womb for words, unformed, they can't do any good or any harm. In Math.15:11 Jesus says:

What goes into a man's mouth does not make him 'unclean,' but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him 'unclean.' ’

And also Luke 19:22 expresses this:

His master replied, 'I will judge you by your own words, you wicked servant! You knew, did you, that I am a hard man, taking out what I did not put in, and reaping what I did not sow?

Therefore it's important that we use our words very carefully. Also the phrase 'place of understanding' has the number value 253: בינה מקום=67+186=253 (Job 28:12).

Triangle 22 is 253 






prove to be righteous

be guiltless

to justify oneself



unborn, uncreated



place of understanding

בינה מקום

Job 28:12

  Jesus is called ‘the Word of God’ (Revelation 19:13) and died guiltless according to the bible story. Because he took all the blame on him, God justifies him selves and suffers with him too. That is the base on which the bible stands. Also the Word of God is called truth (Ps.111:7) The triangle of 22 with 253 units is related with this.  Three units can be connected with each other by one triangle. The 253 units can be connected with each other by 441 triangles. The Hebrew word for truth is ameth: =400+40+1=441. So we see that the under laying structure of the Hebrew alphabet and the emanating of Gods Word is connected by the number of truth.


T22 with 253 units, connected by 441 triangles.

The factors of 253 are 11x23. If we express that as a rectangle, the circumference turns out to be 64. In the Greek gematria is the number value of the word 'truth', =1+30+8+9+5+10+1=64. Here embraces the truth the emanation of the word of God.

Because the Word that emanates from God is truth (Ps.119:160, Joh.17:17), it doesn't return without success (Jes.55:11). This returning can be expressed by the turned triangle of 22. Together these two triangles form the hexagram or Star of David with 337 units.


Star of David with 337 units.

This is also the number value of the phrase ‘God said’ =86+251=337. Because the speaking of God ends up with the truth, I have calculated the number value of the phrase: ‘the Word of God is truth’: 


This number mirrors it selves in the speaking of God: 337-733. Although the phrase ‘the Word of God is truth’ not occurs in the bible (but it's described like this), other phrases can be found with the value 733. Because Jesus becomes called ‘the Word of God’ (John 1:14), I have looked for related texts. The phrase ‘out of the well of Bethlehem’ (the place of birth of Jesus) in 2 Sam.23:15 turns out to have the number value 733:


Out of ‘Beth Lechem’, the ‘House of the Bread’, comes our spiritual bread and out of the well of Bethlehem comes the water through which we never shall thirst again (John 7:37-38). Out of 733, out of the truth of Gods Word Christ arises. Composite 733=888. I think that we have to realize that it is David, who wants to drink out of the well of Bethlehem. And he lived about 1000 years BC. Jesus says about that the following:


I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star

Jesus tells that he is the root of David. In fact he is telling that he is the forefather of David. Historical that seems to be impossible. For us, any way for me, that's hard to understand. But the bible appears to be interlarded by this kind of statements. 733 is also the number value of the phrase visions of God, , 86+647=733 (Ez.1:1).

Also the 22nd word of the bible ‘and said’, where God speaks for the first time in the bible, has with gematria ‘full’ the number value 733:

and said= , gematria full:


The speaking of God hides in this way that with His speaking also the truth appears. And the number 733 can become expressed by a mathematical image of hexagons and hexagrams:


‘snowflake’ with 733 units: the Word of God is truth,

  =441+86+206=733= [(7x73)+(6x37)]

The Star of David with 337 units (God said) holds the centers of the 7 stars of 73 units.


God said: 337, and 733: the Word of God is truth.

The gematria and the symbols make the relationship between the Hebrew and the Greek langue visible. The gematria of the Greek word ‘logos’ (Word) is:

Word= λογος=30+70+3+70+200=373


‘snowflake’ with 373 units

373 is build up out of (7x37)+(6x19) and 733 is: (7x73)+(6x37)

Also the phrase:  , ‘Yahweh our God’ has with gematria Millui (full) the number value 373.

  =(12+106+20+6+74+111) + (6+12+6+20)=329+44=373

The last word of Gen.21:24 points to the same issue. There Abraham says: I will swear. ‘Will swear’ has the same number value as the word logos, λογος, ‘Word’, the word that is Truth:

Will swear = * =70+2+300+1=373



The sum of first five Stars of David is: 1+7+13+37+73=131. Palindrome 22=131, and prime 131=733 (131=prime 33)

All these numbers, 337, 373 and 733 have an optical relation with the starting point of the Star of David:

1  3  3  7


337                 373                       733


        ‘God said’--------‘Word’-------‘the word of God is truth’

   337    373    733


Even the number of letters of the Torah is possibly related with this figure. In this case the gray circle plays a roll as unit 1. The first word of the Torah is ‘In the beginning’, , and the last word is ‘Israel’, . The first and the last letter of the Torah form together the word , which means: hart or center. The Torah is seen as a unity. It are the five core books on which the bible is based. The Torah has 304805 letters, and the center, the middle is letter 152403. This letter is to be found in Lev.8:28. This letter is an aleph,  , the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. If we look for the factors of 152403, we find:

152403= (1x3x37)x(1373)

The factors of the center of the Torah are build up by the numbers 1, 3, 3 and 7 from the starting point of the Star of David .

The bible text seems to be composed very carefully. The phrase ‘and God said’(Gen.1:3), has the number value 343: 

and God said= =(40+10+5+30+1)+(200+40+1+10+6)



343=7x7x7 or  73






And God said


The ark of God

2 Sam.3:3




The three as well the seven have an important symbolic meaning in the bible. The bible writer seems again and again to make the connection between the  3 and the 7, not only arithmetically but also optical. For by adding them together the numbers 37 and 73 occur (factors of Gen.1:1). The word truth with the number value 441 is also related with these two ciphers. For 441 is 21x21 or (3x7)x(7x3) The factors of truth have a clear optical relationship with the factors of  Gen.1:1. (37x73)

The speaking of God can be seen as the creating by  God, for by God thinking, speaking and acting are one. The number of the speaking of God, 337, seems to confirm this. When we look for word 337 in the bible text, than it turns out to be the first word of Gen.1:27: ‘and created’ (1+200+2+10+6=219 219=3x73) It is the third time the word created is used in the bible. And in verse 27 it's used three times.


It are the words 337, 344 and 348, sum 1029, which happens to be 3x7x7x7. Or formulated in a different way: 3x343, Three times ‘and God said’( =86+257=343) In verse 27 it are the words 1, 8 en 12, sum 21 (3x7) In the sixth day that is to say from Gen.1:24, it are the words  52, 59 en 63, sum 174, which can be formulated as 3x58 or 3x{(3x3)+(7x7)}. And 58 can be related to the word ‘three’  because the word ‘three’ can be found coded with an interval of 7 letters in Gen.1:1 and the sum of the letter places together 58 is (see chapter Pythagoras).


Star of David with 337 units and 588 triangles, center of gravity 113

The 337 units of the Star of David, can be connected by 588 triangles. The gematria of ‘in Jerusalem’, , is 588 (Joshua 15:63). There Gods Word and Gods Truth become till completion.

The construction from out of the Hebrew alphabet:






יאמר אלהים



justifying oneself

God speaks


in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem stands the altar for Yahweh, (Gen.8:20), (=56+57=113) with the gematria of 113, which is also the center of gravity of the triangle of 22, with which Star of David 337 is build up:  . Also the word ‘forgiveness’, , has the number value 113. Although it not appears with this spelling in the OT, Jesus makes clear  that with the sacrifice of his life, it is forgiveness he lays on the altar of Yahweh.

Lucas 23:24

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.

An other interesting detail is that the sum of the squares of the individual digits of 2368, of Jesus Christ, is 113:

Jesus Christ = = 2368 22+32+62+82=4+9+36+64=113

and to the third power:

2368 23+33+63+83=8+27+216+512=763.....mediator= μεσιτης, 40+5+200+10+300+8+200=763 (1Tim.2:5)

 'mediator between God and men'












 "Lord Jesus Christ"















the Almighty



70  80+1+50+300+70+20+100+1+300+800+100

1892=22x86 (2x2x11x43)


God speaks for the first time in the bible at word 22, the first word of Gen.1:3: and said, . We can find here a mathematical construction. The 22nd composite is 34. The sum of these two numbers is: 22+34=56. Now is the 56th prime 257, the number value of word 22: , 200+40+1+10+6=257. These kind of mathematical constructions appear from time to time especially when a word is important or occurs for the first time in the bible text. With gematria full is the number value of word 22: =(300+10+200)+(40+40)+(80+30+1)+(4+6+10)+(6+6)=476+257=733.


The phrase 'Gods Word is Truth', , has the number value 441+86+206=733. Now is the 733rd composite 888, the number of , Jesus. And doesn't say Jesus himself that he is the truth? (John.14:6) And Revelation speaks about him as 'the Word of God' (Rev.19:13) It are the prophets that pass on Gods words to us. The Hebrew word for prophet is: (Gen.20:7), 1+10+2+50=63. The multiplication factors of 63 are: 3x3x7. These factors are closely related to 337, God said.




And Yahweh said to Moses

345   31   26     257

Sum 659=prime 121=112 (anagram 112)

The phrase 'And Yahweh said to Moses' occurs 66 times in the bible. This is the triangular number of 11.

T11 =66

The first part of the phrase is: and Yahweh said, , 26+257=283= prime 62. This number is a reflection of 26 and the 62nd composite is 86, the CV of Elohim. With gematria millui (full) is the number value of the phrase and Yahweh said:


The phrase 'and God said', , is: 86+257=343=7x7x7 (gematria normal)

and Yahweh said

777 (gematria full)

and Elohim said





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